The Middle Path

Eli first experienced this world as a child in a rural community in the vastly depopulated American Ozarks during the 1980s. From his earliest memories he knew he had to find his own way, follow his own adventure.

When he became of age he joined the military and went abroad. That didn't quite work out the way he expected. Nonetheless, it did give him the opportunity to realize that other cultures do exist and that we are not tied to our past.

After Eli left the military he began reading ancient Chinese philosophy with a fervent passion. He would often meet with friends to have deep dialog and contemplate ethics, aesthetics, and metaphysics. This led him to the book 中庸 which changed his life forever.

He decided that even though humanity is flawed, including himself, there are still noble paths open to us. He sought to learn the Chinese language and the history of China to better understand the origins of the Great Learning.

Years later, he has lived in Asia and become an accomplished scholar, educator, linguist, and youtuber. He has a lovely and brilliant wife whom he adores. Now, they walk their path together, come what may, to forge a better future not just for themselves, but for as many as possible.

Eli is currently researching modern China and its evolution. His next goal is to earn an advanced degree in international affairs with a special focus on East Asia, specifically the rise of China and how it relates to the US and the world at large.