ELHS Sports Boosters, Inc.

“Promoting All Sports at East Lincoln High School & Supporting our Student Athletes”

East Lincoln High School Sports Boosters, Inc., a North Carolina non-profit corporation, is an essential part of the athletic program at East Lincoln High School, with a mission to:

Stimulate and encourage interest among students, parents and others in the high school athletic programs.

• Promote and encourage participation by all students in the school’s athletic programs thus providing a well-rounded educational experience for all students.

• Develop, promote and support projects and activities for the enrichment of the East Lincoln Athletic Programs.

• Provide coaches and athletes with things that the school district cannot provide. The programs at East get no funding from the county!

The Sports Boosters support ALL sports, not just a select few. East Lincoln High School has over 300 athletes participating in sports each year. This requires a tremendous amount of time and money to operate. Our major fundraisers are football programs, operating the school’s concession stands and other fundraisers.

Over the past seventeen years we have provided over $600,000 to the school’s athletic program. This also includes scholarships to a male and female athlete and to a student athlete whose parents are Sports Boosters members.

Please join the Sports Boosters and take the time to get involved and meet other parents that have the best interests of our athletes in mind. The Sports Boosters provide a unique opportunity for you to work with and get to better know the school administration and the coaches. We work hard, but we also have fun and fellowship together.

Membership for 2022-2023 is free, in return we are asking for members to volunteer at 1 football game and 10 hours of service during the school year. We will announce meeting dates and times via email or social media! We look forward to working with you and together to help make athletics for our student athletes better than ever!

Please go to the "Membership Sign Up" page to start helping to support our Mustang Student Athletes TODAY!