Elgin County Branch

Ontario Ancestors

updated 7 Nov 2020

Assessment Rolls - - Some Elgin County Township Assessment Rolls

Cemetery Gravestone Transcriptions- The Elgin OGS has transcribed the inscriptions of most of the current gravestones in Elgin County and makes the transcriptions available free online.

Census Indexes - The Elgin County 1842 Township censuses indexes are online free.

Funeral Home Records - Several of the Elgin County Funeral Homes have records that have been indexed.

Land Records - UCLP links to the Elgin petition images - The Elgin County Township papers have been indexed for ancestor names.

Military - 1828 Militia men, War of 1812 veterans, Civil War veterans, World War 1 veterans, Cenotaphs of Elgin County.

Newspaper Indexes - Many Elgin County Newspapers issues have been indexed and are available here free online.

Online Publications - miscellaneous collection of indexes to other sources

Places of Worship- an inventory of church records available.

Vital Records - the Elgin County Marriage abstracts of names from 1853 - 1873, plus some church records

Wills and Probate - General Register Indexes