Kelsey Dalziel

Kelsey is a Spiritual Medium and Soul Coach obsessed with helping women THRIVE through meditation and spiritual practice! She teaches meditation, intuition development and offers mediumship and intuitive readings as well as Soul Coaching. She believes everyone should leave a session with clarity on what they came in questioning and the confidence and tools to move forward in the right direction.

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Lissa Daub

Lissa is a Transformational Strengths coach who works with both personal and corporate clients helping them recognize what they excel at and what makes their hearts sing. Lissa’s intuitive abilities enable her to direct her clients to hear what their soul has been trying to tell them all along. She works with her clients on their journey to find the strengths inside of them that they may fail to see and empowers them to live their best life.

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Tracy Schuur

I believe that understanding the past enables us to view the present through new eyes! It helps us understand peoples motivation and their drive. Their WHY if you will. Rather than explaining my company, I wanted to share a little about how I got here. 5 years ago I was humming along at the top of my game as a project manager in Alberta’s gas and oil sector when health havoc struck me down! It took three years, three countries, countless specialists and complete loss of my independence and quality of life to put me on this journey.....

Yogini Kyra

I'm Kyra - a lover of life. As a yoga practioner and teacher, I like to explore poses and breath through the movement of energy. I love to talk about organs and how the body works. When not exploring various aspects of yoga, you can find me hanging out with my husband and Ginger the mini Labradoodle, in my creative space, reading, traveling or planning my next adventure.

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Victoria Vilaivan

'Each class is to be LIVED IN - my goal is to facilitatespace for laughter, partnering poses, games, anatomical theory with practiceand a taste of Aboriginal knowledge. Kids leave with a charged sense of SELF. Its through our CONNECTIONS that we find JOY. This is the journey we SEEK' - Victoria

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Tarah Abram

Tarah is a Designer, Stylist, Certified Lifestyle Meditation Teacher, and International Best Selling co-author of Courageous Hearts and SHINE! Tarah has always had a passion for metaphysics and learning about various spiritual practices. She began her holistic journey in 2001 as a massage therapist but her creativity has always been a driving force which lead her to design and other creative ventures. After her own health hurdle, she discovered the importance of connecting mind, body, and your environment for your ultimate well being. Tarah is passionate in helping others understand this magical connection.

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