upcoming events

July 11 66pm H0l0 with Geffan, Human Person, Krissanthemum, and sound tech

Music at NorCal NoiseFest


Published by Mwanaka Media and Publishing, distributed by African Books Collective through Project MUSE and others

Hunters Woods Reston Community Center June Show

Greenkill Gallery Show date tbd

Greenpoint Gallery this month

Reading from collection at Herricks High School, NY, date tbd

New chapbook ("devoted") from Pen & Anvil & Poetry Collection ("show me something i cannot even think of") from Left Fork

Releasing tracks and artwork through Cry Like Donna, Lumberton Trading Company,‚Äč Etxe Records, Ticked Off Tapes , Feels so Reel, MuteAnt Sounds,Histamine Tapes NoiseUp, and Aguirre Records , and a split with Evan/Geffan/Salt (on bandcamp)

Featured on Concrete Shelves, a music blog

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