Creating a portfolio of CLEAN energy assets

Energy for a 24 hour grid

The changing landscape of energy generation and ISO/RTO management across the country means that tailored energy storage solutions are necessary to maintain an efficient and stable grid.

Making renewables meet their potential

Renewables are the future, but they are intermittent. Robust long duration storage solutions are vital to maintain a healthy grid.


ElectroBanc was created by the founders of Wolcott Energy Group, a veteran utility scale solar development firm.


ElectroBanc uses short and long duration battery storage to bring environmentally friendly energy to communities across California, Texas, and New York


About 30k SF +/- of building space or land is enough to install a commercial battery system that supports the grid and relieves congestion.


Sustainability is important. The efficiency of renewable energy can be amplified by the strategic placement of battery storage across the grid.