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Electric Dreams is a 1984 American-British science-fiction, romantic comedy-drama film set in San Francisco, California, that depicts a love triangle between a man, a woman, and a personal computer. It was written by Rusty Lemorande, and directed by Steve Barron.

The music video explosion meets the computer revolution in this modern fairy tale film. Its score, composed by Giorgio Moroder, features original songs performed by such talents as Jeff Lynne, Phil Oakey, Culture Club, Heaven 17, Helen Terry, and P.P. Arnold.

A Fairytale for Computers

Once upon a time, in the golden city of San Francisco, there lived a handsome architect named Miles (Lenny Von Dohlen). Miles was bright and very dedicated, but when it came to high technology, he was completely out to lunch.

But that all changed when he purchased his first, brand new, state-of-the-art computer to help organize his life and to computer-model an earthquake-resistant brick he was designing. From the moment he plugged it in, Miles knew his friendly machine, who called himself Edgar (Voice of Bud Cort), was a very smart fellow indeed. And all went well, until Miles accidentally overloaded the computer with data from his office mainframe. As a result, the computer sparked, and smoke bellowed from its circuitry. Miles then poured a nearby bottle of Champagne over the keyboard to douse out the sparks. And when he switched the system back on, the last thing he expected was for the computer to start expressing its own thoughts and feelings. And he proved a very helpful and enthusiastic companion for Miles. Edgar knew how to wake Miles up in the morning and how to mix him a drink at night. He could brew a pot of coffee, answer the telephone, and even compose music.

Then Miles met Madeline, a beautiful woman (Virginia Madsen) who moved in upstairs and played a cello in the symphony orchestra. Miles liked Madeline, and Madeline liked Miles. Outwardly, he may have appeared as being a little awkward and weird at first. But Madeline's warmth and inviting smile could charm any man, and her wit surmount any obstacle.

However, the friendship between man and machine was soon challenged when Miles and Edgar found themselves competing for Madeline's affections. Edgar would do anything to have Madeline to himself; including locking Miles out of his apartment, canceling his credit cards and reporting him as a wanted felon in the system. The instruction book didn't cover this one. Miles was in big trouble!

Everyone knows that fairy tales always have happy endings, and Electric Dreams is certainly no exception. But between the classic words “Once upon a time...” and “...they all lived happily ever after,” there's plenty of room for trouble, especially when the troublemaker is a mischievous and incurably romantic pest like Edgar.


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"At the Movies With Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert"

present their review of Electric Dreams

(Broadcasted: 7/21/1984)

Home media

MGM Home Video released Electric Dreams in 1984 (VHS), and a Laserdisc in the US in 1985. And they re-released the VHS again in 1991. It has not been re-released in the US since.

In May of 2008, UK video label Second Sight Films released Electric Dreams on DVD. And they have announced a Blu-ray release for July 2017. But, for contractual reasons, their license is for the UK only. No US DVD and Blu-ray releases are currently planned.