John Breakfield
for Superior Court Judge

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Breakfield to run for Superior Court

Hall County State Court Judge John Breakfield announces plans to run for Superior Court Judge for the Northeastern Judicial Circuit in 2024.

“I am honored to have served the People of Hall County for two elected terms. During my tenure we have delivered on our promises of following the law, being a wise steward of taxpayer money, and fairly and efficiently administering justice. I hope to continue to do the same for The People of Hall and Dawson Counties,” said Breakfield.

“I know that each case is the most important case to everyone involved. I strongly believe that as a judge, I should listen to each side, follow the law, and treat everyone fairly and with respect. Rulings should be made thoughtfully, deliberatively, and timely. Justice delayed is justice denied for all involved,” Breakfield said.

“During the pandemic, we remained committed to keeping the courts open and functioning to the best of our abilities. I would put our State Court case clearance rates up against anyone in the State of Georgia. We moved cases. We did not abandon our cases. We continued to work for the People of Hall County. If elected, I plan to bring this same work ethic, judicial knowledge, and commonsense to Superior Court for The People of Hall and Dawson Counties,” said Breakfield.

“I care about the People of Hall and Dawson Counties, and I understand that, if elected, I work for them. In the courthouse and in the community, my goal is to make The People proud to have me as their Judge. To The People of Hall and Dawson Counties, I hope to earn your trust and I am asking for your vote on May 21, 2024," Breakfield said.

Judge Breakfield lives in Hall County with his wife and two children. Breakfield was first elected in 2016 by nearly 20 points and was re-elected in 2020. The non-partisan Judicial General Election is May 21, 2024, and includes all of Hall and Dawson Counties.

Vote May 21, 2024

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