Eleanor Imprisoned

A storybook for the Mythology and Folklore Fall 2017 course at the University of Oklahoma

Storybook by Jillian Buxton

This storybook is based on the life of Eleanor of Aquitaine. She's a true historical figure who was one of the most powerful women of her time. She had her own inheritance of Aquitaine in the southwest of France. One of the most influential figures on early French literature, she supported artists and, more specifically, troubadours. She had two marriages to two different kings. Her second marriage to Henry II, King of England, was nothing like a fairytale. Imprisoned by her own husband for 16 years, my storybook imagines how she may have passed the early years of her confinement, and how her love of storytelling would have given her solace.

Image: Eleanor's Effigy at Church of Fontevraud Abbey.

Photo by Adam Bishop. Source: Wikimedia