Eleanor Jane Berryman

Welcome to my homepage!

I am an experimental mineralogist currently employed as a postdoctoral research associate in Tom Duffy's research group in the Geosciences Department of Princeton University.

Here you can learn about who I am, what I do, and how to contact me.

(On left: I'm pointing towards Hutton's Unconformity at Siccar point in Scotland.)


July 28 - Aug 3 2018

I will be presenting the first high-pressure compressibility data of synthetic tourmaline representing key end-member compositions at the 2018 IUCr Workshop in Honolulu! At the meeting, I will also be attending the exciting High-Pressure Single-Crystal Data Analysis training event.

June 23-28, 2017

I attended Tourmaline 2017, a 5-day conference in the Czech Republic dedicated to tourmaline. I am looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for this wonderful mineral in a keynote lecture on tourmaline synthesis experiments!

April 1, 2017

My husband and I moved to New Jersey, USA and I began my first postdoctoral position at Princeton University.

May 9, 2016

PhD defense: passed summa cum laude! Thanks to my committee: Professor Wilhelm Heinrich, Professor Gerhard Franz, Professor Horst Marschall, and Professor Dietmar Stephan