Seasonal Fire Jobs

If you're looking for summer work as a temporary firefighter with the Forest Service, but you don't know where to begin, well, this is for you.

Maybe you've had a little experience on a trail-building crew. Maybe you're a volunteer firefighter for a rural fire protection district. Maybe you're a college student, or even a high school student, and you've heard about the high adventure and good income opportunity working in fire during the summer. You want to be on an engine? -- or a hotshot crew member? -- or you'll settle for anything if they’ll just give you a chance. If you're one of the many thousands out there, how do you manage to land yourself a slot on a fire crew?

Step 1 | Complete the Basic 40 (Readiness) training. This training is FREE and administered by firefighters with the Forest Service. It is 40hrs (4-10hr days or 5-8hr days) of in class and in field, hands on training to give you the basic training needed for an entry level firefighter position. Upon completion you will have certification for S-130 (Firefighter Training), S-190 (Wildland Fire Behavior) & L-180 (Human Factors). Not only are you physically learning how to deploy a hose lay, using portable pumps, firing devices and dig fire line with hand tools but we involve you in our daily physical fitness program. If you are interested in attending e-mail with your name, contact information & how you found us.

Step 2 | Develop a federal resume. This is very different from the private sector. We host multiple presentations on how to build your federal resume and how to apply workshops. Make sure you’re on our email list so you’ll be notified when these trainings are available. We also offer a helpful PowerPoint on our How to Apply page.

Step 3 | Build your profile in and keep it updated. This is the website used to apply to all federal government jobs. We suggest you set up a saved job search with email notifications. This way you’ll know as soon as jobs open. USAJobs does offer a resume builder, it can be helpful to figure out content but is not visually pleasing.

Step 4 | When announcements open apply to as many announcement numbers as you qualify for. Most of the time there is a GS3 (Entry level), GS4 (One year experience or 2 seasons) and GS5 (Qualified FFT1) announcements open at the same time for locations all across Region 5 (California). You can select as many locations as you are willing to work out of.

Step 5 | Visit and/or call all the stations / modules that you want to work at. We get thousands of applications so having the captains, battalion and division chiefs know who you are and making those connections will increase your chances.

If you need any guidance with your resume or the application process give us a call (530) 303-8091.