ElDorado Forensics LLC

Slip, Trip, and Fall Expert

Property Damage Expert

Foundation Expert

With experience in claims and litigation consulting dating back to 1995, Mr. ElDorado’s expertise and engineering practice are focused on investigation of premises liability, property damage, and foundation performance matters. To date, he has testified at 40 depositions and 8 trials, the recent history of which is available upon request. The majority of Mr. ElDorado's testifying history pertains to post-incident evaluations of slips, trips, and falls that occur along means of egress, accessible routes, and other foreseeable pedestrian paths. Mr. ElDorado is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and International Code Council.

ElDorado Forensics LLC

Licensed Professional Engineer (PE) and Slip, Trip and Fall Expert in Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri and New Mexico

William H. (Bill) ElDorado, P.E., CXLT

2283 Magic Mantle Drive

Lewisville, Texas 75056


Covid-19 Alert: In these uncertain times, I am carrying on with business as usual and have been fully vaccinated. I am easily able to follow CDC Guidelines (washing hands, hand sanitizer, fist bumps & some personal distancing) during my inspections.