Vacation Bible Challenge

Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Tempe, AZ

Welcome to the Vacation Bible Challenge

The Vacation Bible Challenge is an initiative at Emmanuel Lutheran Church meant to challenge your family to strengthen your devotional life in a fun baseball theme.

In connection to this devotional challenge, your family can schedule a home visit with Pastor Pflughoeft. In this meeting, Pastor Pflughoeft can meet with you and help you with devotional life tips.

As your family takes on this challenge, you will have the opportunity to engage in three different devotional activities over the course of nine days.

Each day will be called an 'inning.' During each 'inning,' you will have one 'at-bat,' or devotional activity to do.

During each 'at-bat,' you can hit a 'single, double, triple, or home run.'

A 'single' is reading one of the Meditations devotions or an online devotion on the WELS website. (You can get one of the Meditations devotionals from church if you do not have one already. You can access the WELS daily devotions at

A 'double' is watching one of the video devotions produced by Pastor Pflughoeft. (These video devotions can be viewed on Emmanuel's Facebook page or on this site.)

A 'triple' is doing a family Bible study using one of the Search the Scripture Bible studies produced by Pastor Pflughoeft. (These Bible studies can be accessed on this site. You can also get paper copies at church.)

A 'home run' is doing all three of the devotional activities in one day.

Enjoy the challenge as it drives you and your family to dig into God's Word.

Families who complete the whole challenge and hit a 'home run' in at least one inning, will win free devotional book. To receive your devotional book contact Pastor Pflughoeft at or (480) 291-2928.

Play ball!

Schedule a visit with Pastor Pflughoeft by clicking on the button above.

VBC - Video 1.mp4
VBC - Video 2.mp4
VBC - Video 3.mp4
VBC - Video 5.mp4
VBC - Video 6.mp4
VBC - Video 7.mp4
VBC - Video 8.mp4
VBC - Video 9.mp4

Devotional Videos will be posted above.

VBC - Philippians 4 strands instructions.pdf
VBC - 1st Inning - Philippians 1-1-11.pdf
VBC - 2nd Inning - Philippians 1-12-26.pdf
VBC - 3rd Inning - Philippians 1-27-2-18.pdf
VBC - 4th Inning - Philippians 2-19-30.pdf
VBC - 5th Inning - Philippians 3-1-14.pdf
VBC - 6th Inning - Philippians 3-15-4-3.pdf
VBC - 7th Inning - Philippians 4-4-9.pdf
VBC - 8th Inning - Philippians 4-10-20.pdf
VBC - 9th Inning - Philippians 4-21-23.pdf

Bible studies will be posted above.