Elan Empire Gurgaon - Sector 66

You must’ve heard that ‘there’s no place like home’ and ‘your office is your second home’. Well, we’re here to take you on a stroll through Elan Empire Gurgaon along with great news that we’ve managed to bring your home and your second home at a single enterprise.

Having been through the pandemic, we know how everyone’s life got affected. But, entering the new era of our lives, it would be a great idea to start afresh.

From auto to apparel, food preferences, fitness, and from hospitality to health, the COVID-19 pandemic has stirred fear in individuals regarding everything. And the new Elan Empire Gurgaon caters exactly to these pain points. Let’s learn more about the exclusive construction on this virtual reading tour of the property.

What is the major idea behind Elan Empire Gurgaon?

The idea behind our newly constructed commercial space (Elan Gurgaon) was to whisk in residential and retail spaces together in one single unit.

So, if and when you become a part of the Elan Empire Gurgaon, our launched project will offer perpetual perks to its members. There’s consistent improvement in the lives in Gurgaon, and Elan Real Estate adds up to the lifestyle.

What do you get with Elan Empire Gurgaon?

It offers retail spaces, food courts, restaurants, multiplexes, and of course, luxurious residential spaces. But, that’s not all. It also offers a high end and luxurious living space with a glorious gym and spa to support your fitness and relaxation, transcendent pools and other such facilities.

There are even traditional jogging tracks to keep up with your daily step goals and to your convenience, we’ve arranged for house help on call.

Someone said- "With organization comes empowerment", and that’s what Elan Empire Sector 66 Gurgaon represents. Be it commercial, or residential spaces, the organized infrastructure will spread out a positive environment all day long and ensure that you stay on top of your energy throughout.

What it looks like to us and what we had in mind?

For us, this project has been a great opportunity to promote business complexes and gives a window to investors seeking luxurious and developed properties.

Spread across 3.5 acres of land, It gives a serene and spacious, living and working experience. Also, everybody needs a break on the weekends, the multiplexes, the restaurants, and the Bar & Lounge facility give you just the thing you need to get over the week’s stress.

The strategic location of Elan Empire Gurgaon offers quick access from any corner of the city. It is encircled with tranquillity and is the most unclouded space, there ever was.

In addition to that both Elan sector 50 Gurgaon and Elan Empire Sector 66 Gurgaon, makes the commute extremely easy and never disappoints. It has 100% water and power backup, along with Wi-Fi access at all times, and takes care of all your security needs.

Amenities that Elan Group Gurgaon offers

This part of your reading tour concludes all the amenities that will enter your life as and when you become a part of the Elan Empire Gurgaon. So let’s dive into the list of benefits you can yield:

  • 24/7 Concierge

  • Food Courts and Bars/Pubs

  • Restaurants offering multi-cuisine

  • Fully Air Conditioned

Elan Group Gurgaon offers

  • Parking Area

  • Gym and Entertainment Zones

  • Sauna Rooms

  • Spa & Yoga Studio

  • Electricity and Water Backup

  • Eco-friendly cleaning services


Elan Empire Gurgaon offers exclusively designed retail spaces and luxurious studio apartments. Apart from these amenities, the absolute elegance in the design and architecture of the property is above all.

Its structure stands out from the rest and that’s what adds to a life-long experience. No day will go without a great end as when it comes to entertainment, there will be no end. The living and working experiences here are as majestic as the lit Eiffel Tower, and as luxurious as the rich heritage of our country.

When you come to this property, you see and live the dreams that come true. Elan Empire Gurgaon Sector 66 is in fact, the place where utopia comes to life and we are eager to welcome you aboard.