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Check out the reflection questions and the amazing, inspiring back story concerning how this all began. Elinor is and will ever be remembered for her great love, faith and newfound purpose to bring hope to vulnerable children.


This beautifully illustrated, inspirational fable is about a little frog named Freddy who is rescued by a kind, old lady named Elinor. It is based on an event experienced between the author and Elinor, a wonderful ninety-three-year old that inspired this rhyming fabled story.

While escaping from poverty and his abusive father, Freddy runs away and hides behind Elinor’s trash can. She takes him in, cares for his wounds, and showers him with the love he had been missing at home. While getting settled into Elinor’s beautiful little house, Freddy the frog comes to love his new surroundings. Elinor introduces him to some new friends who are other animals, now her adopted ‘kids’. Freddy finds that he has many things in common with these new friends – Yankee, Rex, Sue, and Junior. They learn a lot of life lessons while having fun and helping Elinor around the house. Wise Elinor helps them learn to overcome fear through God’s love and through taking risks. The story ends with a test in faith and courage when the whole family goes for a day to the zip lines and soars over the trees. This is a highlight in both Freddy’s and Elinor’s lives where they both find new motivation to let the past go and move forward in life.

The purpose of this fable is threefold: to open a window to create empathy for neglected, orphaned and abused children, to act as a door to elicit action to change the future for the vulnerable and to act as a mirror to promote healing for those who see themselves reflected in the characters. The moral or lesson in this story teaches that taking a risk to trust others creates courage to soar over life’s troubles.

November 10, 2019 Orphan Sunday with Mark Schultz

Event was AMAZING!!! Thanks to all who volunteered...participated...prayed...gave...!

Dedicated to all the children in foster care

and those

waiting for a forever Family

Isaiah 1:17,

Learn to do right; seek justice.

Defend the oppressed.[a]

Take up the cause of the fatherless...

James 1:7

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this:

to look after orphans and widows in their distress

and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

"Freddy the Foster Frog" Book series for all ages.

By Carol Gravante ...Kaelen Felix's Illustrations help tell the story...and bring it to life!

our efforts will

      • Raise financial resources: Directly supporting adoption organizations.

      • Bring hope and healing: To the hopeless, abandoned, abused, foster and orphaned children by communicating unique experiences and feelings through the "Freddy the Foster Frog" book.

      • Raise awareness: By creating resources for teaching environments by:

        • Bringing empathy, understanding, and support for children who are rejected, abused and orphaned (the “Mirror” to help at risk children through the healing process in these situations).
        • Providing opportunities for children from stable families to understand and empathize the life struggles for foster/adoptive children “Window”.
        • Creating conversations in their school/home environment and exploring the concepts learned from "Freddy the Foster Frog" book to evoke empathy, openness, and love for others around us. “Door”.

      • Inspire student creative writing experiences using their imaginations to create new adventures/lessons in healing for Freddy.

      • Encourage adults to help spur child involvement to help/empathize with others. Unifying the advocates is important!
      • Plan Community Unity Opportunities and "Communify" the advocates....coming together in UNITY to help the kids.

      • Read aloud workshops to groups in schools, churches, group homes, libraries, etc. and speak at events/conferences.

      • Encourage family fun by reading aloud and discussing different experiences together.
      • Encourage Family Communication with the "Catch and Release" game.

The Comprehension/reflection questions for the book are in the menu under "Teachers" to help the readers in understanding all the deeper meaning of the trauma effect in the text that might be missed to inspire awareness and empathy and healing.

Excerpt from Freddy the Foster Frog

One evening many, many months ago,

after watching her favorite variety show,

Elinor found a little frog,

hiding behind the trash.

Sadly, his eye had a large gash.

This fabled story with “a twist of rhyme”

is something you'll not often find.

Animals and rhymes are used to create a very safe place,

to explore deep emotions and seek God’s grace.

To safely looking through a troubled past,

we highly suggest you not go very fast.

The slower you go and the deeper you dig,

to dig out those splinters that are big as a twig.

It's much easier with animals and rhyme to recall painful memories one at a time.

This is a fabled story about Freddy, the frog with a troubled life and how kind, old Elinor saved him from further strife.

While reading this story, you might find yourself wandering down your own rabbit trail...

so, let the story lead you so God's plan can prevail.

As memories arise, you can heal from the past and become free from pain that doesn't have to last.

Not all stories have Adoption endings, but this story does!

We tell the end of the story right from the start...because those reading this have a big heart.

There are some sad parts and scary parts too...also fun and laughs as Freddy grew.

At times Freddy is angry or in a state of fright, like when facing the slide’s height or the darkness at night.

You’ll see life through Freddy’s eyes and learn a lot from Elinor.

We want you to be ready, so your heart won’t so deeply stir.


Let’s all celebrate that Freddy found healing love, from Elinor and also from Heaven above.

Are you ready? This is inspired by a true story.

Carol Wallace Gravante

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