Ekōbius is 'Ecology-By-Us'

Near the End of the Road driving the Southernmost road into the Venezuela jungle you will find one of two Ekōbius camp/ecovillage projects on the Guiana Shield. It is our intention to implement an independently funded ecological restoration and enhancement program where internationals (global citizens) live under the principles of an open cooperative society and business enterprise. Legally we are best viewed as a cooperative and intentional community.

We consider our location as the safest and best located destination in South America for nature lovers, scientists, and explorers coming to the Amazon for the first time ever. At Ekobius short term visitors can adjust to the climate, detox from civilization and open new doors of perception with ayahuasca and yopo therapy. We can offer many custom tailored experiences and visits with different shamans in the region as well.

Cooperative Intentional Community

Unlike other communities we are developed as a unanimous cooperative of up to 100 equal owners that collectively own the Ekōbius International project, also unlike many we have no dietary restrictions, we are self-governed and use the the ideal of Pachamama instead of a particular religious faith to unite the society and interact with nearby indigenous communities who are our own cooperative beneficiaries.

Our program development area is an intensive conservation management project involving 20,000 hectares (nearly 60,000 acres) of agroforestry, permaculture, non-wood forest production and integrated indigenous farming with native inhabitants.

Our campground and ecological village development site is approximately 40 hectares (108 acres) and has approximately one kilometer of river frontage on the Catañiapo river and approximately a 200 meters of paved municipal pike frontage between Gavilan and Puerto Ayacucho. The campground is the furthest point you can drive to and operate an expedition. Our property was formerly a Christian revival center used during Easter and Christmas, it was known to accommodate as many as 200-500 people for events.

Amazon, Orinoco, Essequibo Rivers

Good news! The greatest fresh water reserve on the entire planet is still over 90% pure and still thriving because of the power and life cycles of these living rivers. Also if you live here you will benefit from the free and unbridled use of these living waters. We are close to where two of the greatest of all rivers in the world that connect once a year via Rio Negro at the edge of the Guiana Shield. These three rivers combined account for over 40% of the entire planet's fresh water.