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Einstein Trader Review today we're taking a close look at a new EA called Einstein Trader this is a Forex robot by the same people that bought us million-dollar Pips over 5 years ago almost to the date so what's good about this software what does it have to offer let's go over to the website and take a look you can see here they have a nine and a half minute video and then they jump right into the proof we're going to come back to this account so let's just open it up and is a scroll down you could see they have six different accounts this is a lot of my FX book accounts that is extremely impressive that's exactly what we'd like to see out of a for X robots especially in 2017 now one of the interesting things about the 4X genius traitor is that the onion Einstein Trader story is that they're developed by the same people that brought us million-dollar Pips okay was the first person or the first development program did really took advantage of my FX book results they were the first company to provide these results and show Traders exactly how their software traded but there is an issue there because the million-dollar Prep Prep software did not actually perform very well on real account for the real clients so when we look at these accounts for the Einstein traitor we do have to be a little bit skeptical we have to hope that this software will outperform million-dollar pimps or not perform the same way we can see here that this software average trade length is 23 seconds this is extremely extremely short this is a scalper obviously and you can see some of the trades here

10 seconds 3 seconds and it's winning very very small Pips to the average wind is 4.65 in the average loss was 1.72 so what this means is you have to be extremely careful with the broker you use you essentially need a broker with no spread it all and extremely fast execution times so it's likely you'll need a virtual private server as well if you don't know what that is I'll have a link in the review somewhere about virtual private servers and and how to use them properly now what we have to do is have a broker that works really really well for this to work this account is with the axiore I've never actually heard of this broker that's kind of odd and then you have a weird Gap here in the results you could see 2014 okay traded and then it stopped raining on in August 2014 it didn't trade any of 2015 and then it picked up in March 2016 had some losing months here had an extremely impressive 2016 December of 2016 and then here we are in January it's up 11% so there's some weird things with these results obviously this software their kind of insinuating that it's been available since 2014 and that's kind of an odd thing but one of the lake I think really what we have to do here is wait for a real Community feedback right now I'm going to give it a three-star because I see that it has potential but this is by the same people that brought us million-dollar Pips and million-dollar Pips was rated 2.39 out of I'm stars with 79 reviews on Forex peace Army and we had over a hundred forty comments here on Forex robot nation of course this was the review of this product you could see they still have this old account up showing

over twenty-six thousand percent but for some reason it didn't perform well for the clients you can see there are lots and lots of comments obviously you can click this link and check that out or you could go to peace Army and check out there but it's very important to understand the history of this product and understand that does have to be taken into consideration when we're dealing with this new product it's possible that this is a version of million-dollar Pepsi because the accounts have been running since 2014 I want you to do if you use the software I know it's five hundred bucks but if you use the software come over here leave a reply let me know how it's working for you so that we can discuss it as a community and decide whether or not this is a worthwhile system for the readers of Forex robot nation in the meantime please follow us on Facebook Twitter check out our YouTube and check out the top rated Forex robot page to see what's working for for me right now you can see 4X Fury is an ETA that I really like it's slow and steady you could always increase the risk but this is a $50,000 account started up and it hasn't lost a single trade then you have for X theme this software has been around for seven six or seven years it's still running great I still have lots of positive feedback about both of these systems in their reviews so if you have any questions if you need any help of for X robots I'm Patrick FX you could come check out the Forex robot website I appreciate you spending time with me in this video I hope that you like it if you do click the like button that's it for me today guys take care