Local Makers - Apply Here

makers apply here!

Are you a maker? Do you sew, knit, sculpt, build, weld, upcycle, tinker, code or program things?

Be part of Maker Day by showing off what you make. Talk to people about your process. Demonstrate the work that goes into it. Inspire others to try something new.

There is no cost for participating. Selling is not allowed at Maker Day, but you are welcome to share your contact information with those interested in buying what you make.

Please fill out the form below (or apply in person at the library ). We will select a variety of makers representing various areas of making. Maker applications will be considered until August 31st, or until space runs out.

If you participated at the previous Maker Day, we ask that you include new items for this years event.

Don't miss our Maker Slideshow - "EGV: A Community of Makers"

We're putting together a slideshow of photos of things people make. Whether you're exhibiting at Maker Day or not, you can submit a photo to us for the slideshow. Please include your full name & phone number.

Three ways to submit your photo:

  • email it (in jpeg format) to nbroten@egvpl.org
  • mail it to the Elk Grove Village Public Library, 1001 Wellington, EGV. Attention: Nancy B.
  • drop it off at the Library's Adult Reference Desk, attention: Nancy B.