Our Schools Are a Safe Place to Be

our Mission

We are a coalition of local parents and professionals concerned about the 10 months and counting that students have been out of school. We are committed to working together with our school community to safely return students and teachers to the classrooms as quickly as possible. Read our letters to the EGUSD Board of Education here.

  • We believe there needs to be a plan for a complete and safe reopening of schools, with an option for distance learning, and to include extracurricular activities.

  • Parent and Student groups have been under-represented thus far (an impetus for us to organize under this entity to effectively work & collaborate with key stakeholders).

  • There are district precedents--locally, national and globally--that have shown schools can open safely.

  • Science and health studies show that the significant side effects of distance learning are harming our children, and long term effects are likely.

  • At risk groups are suffering the most and need immediate intervention.


Hear what community members are saying...from students to parents, teachers, and other community stakeholders!

Why I want schools to open five days a week in person...

My 7 yr son is on the spectrum, he has deficits in language, receptive/expressive language, delayed gross motor and fine motor skills, and social skills.

Normal school, in-person school, helps him close these deficits.

He is academically strong, just nine points shy of being gifted on the IQ test. He could read before he could talk and I taught him math, addition and subtraction, in preschool. As seen below, his assessment results are perfect when administered in person.

Put him on Zoom and you see a child who cannot focus and attend; cannot take tests, and is constantly eloping or bolting from Zoom class. When all else fails, he goes into a meltdown. Zoom triggers his sensory defensive system. Zoom triggers his fight or flight response system.

I don’t know many parents who test well while being chased by a lion or stay focused on work with a large python on your desk. I know I can’t when my survival instincts are triggered. My first priority and probably yours too, is to RUN and find safety.

That’s what Zoom does to my son, it triggers his flight defensive system. He runs away to survive another Zoom session....365 days...and counting.

In the next EGUSD school board meeting, I want to release a lion into the room and see how well Trustees stick to the agenda items. (The door will be locked for duration of the meeting).

You may think it is extreme, but my 7yr son has had to deal with a “lion in the room” for over a year!