5 FULL DAYS in Fall

We're calling on the California Legislature to Restore Full-time, 5-day In-person School to All Children! Sign the new change.org petition as part of our new statewide advocacy campaign.

OpenSchoolsCA just launched their #5FullDaysInFall campaign and they need our help! Click this link to email your Elected Reps in Sacramento AND spread the word in your local districts! Let's ensure no form of Zoom in the Room or Distance Learning is on our campuses next year!!

End the California wide distance learning waiver so that EVERY child who wants to return to the classroom can be back for a full five days WITH their in-person teachers. Call your local state assembly/senate officials! Use this script and find your rep here.

Support the Virtual Learning Tax Credit (Senate Bill 610)! Write to our state senators and request tax credits to support families who are still incurring expenses from distance learning. Letter template here.









cc: Elizabeth.Watson@sen.ca.gov

cc: Colin.Grinnell@sen.ca.gov