Understanding Small Businesses

As part of EGN 3910 Human-centered Design within Systems and Society our team explored small businesses.

Inspiration Behind the Project

Our inspiration came from the people group’s ability to identify a niche in the market and use that knowledge to create a business model. We wanted to hear their stories and see if these interviews could explain how their drive for success became strong enough to overpower the fear of failure. In a market that feels saturated with corporations, we wondered what motivated them to begin their journey. Many small business owners work a full time job and have other responsibilities to take care of outside of their buisness. We seek to better understand their perspective on the business creation process, and how they manage their time to accomplish their goals. The United States education system teaches students how to be successful employees, not how to be successful entrepreneurs.

Meet the Team

Kaythleen Escribano

Major: Interdisciplinary Engineering, Bioengineering concentration

Fun Fact: I was an all-star cheerleader, and coached tumbling for 5 years!

Juliet Mora

Major: Mechanical Engineering with a Pathway in Mechanical Design and Robotics

Fun Fact: I make genealogies of the royal families of Europe

Jaquan Starling

Major: Interdisciplinary Engineering, Mechanical Design Concentration. Minor Computer Science.

Fun Fact: I own 12 plants.

Ricardo Gutierrez

Major: Interdisciplinary Engineering. Business

Fun Fact: I have changed my major three times.


Contact knowyoursmallbusinesses@gmail.com to get more information on the project