E.-G. Moon's Webpage

Moon, Eun-Gook (문은국, 文恩國)

email : egmoon@kaist.ac.kr

* Sometimes the first name without the hyphen (Moon, Eun Gook) is used.


Associate / Assistant Professor, KAIST 2015 ~ Present

Principal Investigator, Ultra Quantum Physics BRL, NRF of Korea 2020 ~ Present

Kadanoff Center Fellow, University of Chicago 2014 ~ 2015

Postdoctoral Fellow at University of California, Santa Barbara 2011 ~ 2014

Military Service at ROK army 2001 ~ 2003


Ph. D, Harvard University (under supervision of Prof. Subir Sachdev) 2011

B.S, Seoul National University 2005

Fellowships, Awards, and Memberships

Member, Young Korea Academy of Science and Technology (Y-KAST) 2021 ~

The Academic Prize, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 2020

The Young Physicist Prize, The Korean Physical Society 2019

The TJ Park Science Fellowship, POSCO TJ PARK Foundation 2017 ~ 2019

The Kadanoff Center Fellowship 2014 ~ 2015

The Samsung Scholarship 2006 ~ 2010

The Purcell Fellowship at Harvard University 2006

The Korea Foundation for Advanced Students Scholarship 2005

Summa Cum Laude (B.S. in physics at SNU) 2005