Elementary Facilities Taskforce

The Charter of the Elementary Facilities Taskforce (EFT) is to develop a community-based facilities plan for the Grand Rapids Elementary Schools based on the suitability of existing structures to meet the current and future needs of Early Childhood to 5th grade.

UPDATE 6/1/17:

At the EFT meeting on Tuesday, May 30, the EFT group reviewed their conclusions. You can view a copy of the presentation here.

UPDATE 5/18/17:

At the EFT meeting on Tuesday, May 16, the EFT made the following recommendations:

  • Two new 750 pupil schools along with a 300 pupil school in Cohasset.
  • Southwest school should be retained and used for mandated programs and 4’s
  • Murphy school should be retained and repurposed
  • Forest Lake property should be redeveloped
  • Riverview property should be redeveloped

You can view the presentation from the meeting here.

UPDATE 5/9/17:

The EFT has been hard at work this spring to put together recommendations for the community’s school facility needs. Earlier this month, the taskforce put together over 18 solutions that ranged from remodeling current sites to building new. The group has since narrowed the choices down to two options.

The first option is similar to the original plan put forth by the district and would consist of two new schools of 900 students. An alternate plan was put forth that would remodel Cohasset Elementary, keeping the newest classroom sections of the school, and creating two new elementaries of 750 each in Grand Rapids.

The taskforce will be working to examine both options in great detail before making a recommendation to the School Board in June.

You can view representations of the options here.

This website functions as a resource for that taskforce. Visit our EFT Values Kids website to learn more about the need for a solution to our elementary space challenges.

If you are interested in joining the EFT or learning more, please email ElementaryFacilitiesTaskforce at gmail.com or call 218-409-6790.

Below is the timeline for the work of the taskforce.

EFT Timeline.jpg