Welcome to EFSP Phase 36!

Brief Overview

At United Way of Southern Nevada, we are committed to ensuring all members of the community have access to resources that will assist them in leading healthy and stable lives. In order to help meet the needs of our Clark County residents, we support programs that will better serve our unique region including the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP).

As the convener of the EFSP’s Local Board and its fiscal manager, we play a role in selecting high quality nonprofit agencies that will make a difference in the lives of children, individuals and families. On August, 2019 , the Local Board will meet to determine how the federal funds will be allocated among Clark County (Las Vegas) agencies during Phase 36. Per Phase 36 allocations, the National Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) has made $1,243,503 available for emergency food and/or shelter services in County for funding cycle from May 1, 2019 to March 30, 2020.

History and Impact

Congress created the EFSP in 1983 to allocate funds throughout the United States to provide food and shelter to citizens faced with hardships. In its 35-year history, the EFSP has made a huge difference throughout the country by distributing $4.4 billion to over 14,000 human services agencies.

We are fortunate that our Southern Nevada region has been able to benefit from the EFSP. During the most recent Phase 35, 13 nonprofit organizations received nearly $1,017,000 in federal funds. The recipients include Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada, East Valley Family Services, Emergency Aid of Boulder City ,

These organizations direct their awards towards mass shelter, rent and mortgage assistance, food services and administration costs. During Phase 35, these funds provided over 763,173 Clark County Residents with the following services:

  • 79,411 congregated meals
  • 3,930 food, diaper, and feminine vouchers
  • 66,742 pounds of pantry
  • 52,030 nights of emergency shelter
  • 434 months of emergency rent assistance
  • 343 hotel/motel emergency stays for qualifying low-income families and individuals
  • 800 units of monthly utility services (gas, electricity, water)

Whether these funds help a struggling single parent feed their family or help a senior citizen get back on their feet with a month’s mortgage, every dollar is used to benefit the lives of our community members. The EFSP provides us one more opportunity to transform lives in our region.

To learn more about the National Emergency Food and Shelter Program, visit www.efsp.unitedway.org.

For more information about EFSP Phase 36, please contact Beckie Larson at Beckiel@uwsn.org

Emergency Food and Shelter Program- UWSN Phase 36