developing effective learners

Effective learners

Pupils who are effective learners have the skills to learn on their own. They can be relied on to work independently, even for long periods. They can:

· organise and sequence their work;

· solve complex problems;

· appreciate when they need to seek help or ask questions;

· read and gather information and take notes;

· share ideas or work in a group;

· appreciate the purpose of what they are doing and make connections with other work;

· evaluate their work and plan what to do next.

Common issues

Some pupils, or even whole classes, lack the necessary skills to work independently of their teachers. Consequently, in most lessons these pupils:

· are disorganised;

· give up when they meet a challenge;

· rely on others to do their work for them;

· make poor use of resources provided ;

· opt out of discussion and group work;

· constantly question the purpose and value of their work;

· go off-task, waste time or misbehave.