Ecology / Evolution Journal Club

An informal, weekly group for interested grad students and post-docs to discuss relevant papers from the fields of ecology and evolutionary biology. We discuss a different paper each week on a wide variety of topics, ranging from ecological/evolutionary theory, behaviour, genetics, and biodiversity conservation. Everyone is welcome!

  • See the current schedule of papers for this term, below, or browse past papers page to get an idea of the topics we cover. Papers are chosen by individuals or labs, and can be submitted via our sign up page!


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Winter 2019

This term, we will be alternating between Mondays and Wednesday meet-ups to accommodate everyone's schedules, starting 21 January. We meet 4-5pm Mondays, or 10-11am Wednesdays in the Science Wing Graduate Lounge, SW524A. Tea, coffee and treats are provided, courtesy of the Department of Biological Sciences!

Mon 21 Jan Wintle et al. (2018). Global synthesis of conservation studies reveals the importance of small habitat patches for biodiversity. PNAS,

Wed 30 Jan Proulx et al. (2005). Network thinking in ecology and evolution. TRENDS in Ecology and Evolution 20(6), 345-353.

Mon 4 Feb Munch et al. (2018). Maternal effects impact decision-making in a viviparous lizard. Biology Letters (14)

Wed 13 Feb Emlen and Oring (1977) Ecology, sexual selection, and the evolution of mating systems. Science 197(4300). 215-223.

- Reading Week - (no Journal Club)

Wed 27 Feb Hirst et al. (2017) Testing the niche‐breadth–range‐size hypothesis: habitat specialization vs. performance in Australian alpine daisies. Ecology 98(10), 2708-2724.

Mon 4 Mar Thawley et al. (2018) Presence of an invasive species reverses latitudinal clines of multiple traits in a native species. Global Change Biology 25, 620-628.

Wed 13 Mar Czekanski-Moir & Rundell (2019) The Ecology of Nonecological Speciation and Nonadaptive Radiations. TREE 2494, 1-16.

Mon 18 Mar Felice et al. (2019) Dietary niche and the evolution of cranial morphology in birds. Proc. R. Soc. B. 268.

Wed 27 Mar Nathan et al. (2008). A movement ecology paradigm for unifying organismal movement research. PNAS, 105(49), 19052–19059.

Image: (c) David Littschwager