Having caught the business bug at a very young age, Edward Tomasso is a born entrepreneur. His first professional pursuits took shape at the age of 16, and his forward-moving efforts are not slowing down anytime soon.


Edward Tomasso is currently studying at Università Bocconi in Milan, Italy. A seasoned world traveler, Tomasso chose this particular institution as a way to combine his academics with his love of exploration and adventure. Italian by descent, studying in Italy has granted him the opportunity to reconnect with his family’s roots. He is projected to graduate in 2019.

Edward Tomasso Universita Bocconi

While still in high school, Edward Tomasso pursued freelance projects in web-based marketing. Along with some of his cross country teammates, he also founded a sports apparel line called Run CT. This early taste of business management sparked a drive for success early on in his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Adventure Photography & Travel

Intrigued by travel and photography, Edward Tomasso fluidly combines his passions in a creative and detail-oriented process. He has traveled to Hawaii, Cuba, Switzerland and Italy, where he now lives and thrives academically. The world traveler maintains and updates a photography portfolio which chronicles his grand adventures. In his photos, Edward Tomasso enjoys toying and experimenting with different angles, lighting techniques, hue honing and more. What began as a fun way to document his travels has now developed into a full-blown passion. Traveling extensively across the globe, Tomasso’s adventures encourage him to consistently view the world around him from a new perspective. Viewing the great outdoors through his camera lens has afforded him the opportunity to capture colorful experiences from a unique angle.

Edward Tomasso Adventure Photography