Judge or Jury

JuDGE oR JURY is a GAME that was developed to teach students how to structure an argument, Communicate & think CRITICALly.

JUDGE OR JURY can be played with physical cards or using a Hyperdoc template.

A simple way to create a game is adapting popular TV shows for the classroom. JUDGE or JURY was inspired by the talk show called Judge Judy. The game uses concepts from a court of a law to teach students to construct an argument as well as develop their communication and critical thinking skills.

Instructions :

Before the Hearing:

The teacher develops a set of 'court cases' on relevant topics. For example e.g 'Picasso was accused of being a con-artist as his drawings were child-like'. The court cases should be phrased in a manner that prompts discussion and opposing viewpoints.

The students draw cards and court cases or the teacher distributes the roles and court cases to the students. The students then prepare for the court case based on their different roles and a date/time is set for the hearing.

The number of roles and time for each task is adapted depending on class size and lesson allocations. Each role develops different skill sets. The opportunity to play multiple roles and to develop multiple skills can take place in one set of court cases or in the number of times the game is played. For example students can be the judge in one court case and the court secretary in another case.

Role Summary:

  • Defence Lawyer
  • Prosecuting Lawyer
  • Research Lawyer
  • Jury
  • Judge
  • Court Official
  • Court Secretary

A hearing is held and each 'lawyer 'delivers their argument. The judge decides who wins and may ask the jury for help. The judge can also ask the lawyers questions to gain more insight into the case. The teacher is the supreme court and can override the judge or jury’s decision.

The number of roles can be adapted depending on class size. The Jury is the easiest role to duplicate.

The teacher is the high court and has the final say in the court case. The teacher mediates the discussion.

Great arguments can be filmed and shared on YouTube.

Below is an example of Court Cases in a Hyperdoc.

Powerplay Judge or Jury 2018