EDUCAUSE Games + Learning Book Club

Welcome to the EDUCAUSE Games & Learning Book Club. This book club is a space to talk about how games can influence education. We discuss a new book (or other type of media) every other month in a meetup on Twitter.

Join us on Twitter November 14th & 21st

The Twitter meetups (a.k.a. tweet chats) are at: 6:30 EST | 5:30 CST | 4:30 MST | 3:30 PST and last approximately an hour.

The 11/14 discussion will be moderated by @CaseyDa41763485‏. Use the hashtag #Read4Games to participate in and follow the conversation!

A recap of the conversation will be posted to the EDUCAUSE Games & Learning Constituent Group listserv. Not a member? Join at the Educause website!

This Month's Pick: Reality is Broken, by Jane McGonigal

With 174 million gamers in the United States alone, we now live in a world where every generation will be a gamer generation. But why, Jane McGonigal asks, should games be used for escapist entertainment alone? In this groundbreaking book, she shows how we can leverage the power of games to fix what is wrong with the real world-from social problems like depression and obesity to global issues like poverty and climate change-and introduces us to cutting-edge games that are already changing the business, education, and nonprofit worlds.

Other resources:

Jane McGonigal's SXSW talk (YouTube)

November 14th Discussion Questions


  • Introduce yourself. What are your passions and interests around games? Do you identify as a gamer, an educator or both?
  • What is your favorite memory around a game? It could be a video game, a board game, a card game, a game of tag!


  • In what ways can games be employed in order to address social-emotional phenomena such as depression, anxiety, etc.? (Ch 10)
  • How has monetization and commodification impacted the Knowledge-based Economy in regards to gamification and gamified learning experiences in non-traditional venues? (Ch 11)
  • Why are impossible tasks, or “missions,” important in games for learning and development for players? (Ch 12)
  • What are some real-world examples of games being employed to solve current challenges? What makes these examples either successful or unsuccessful? (Ch 14)


  • What's your biggest take-away from today's discussion?
  • Who should win tonight's award for "Master of the Twitterverse?"