Starting as a Leader

Think about what you want to get out of GEG

Yes, we're all passionate about technology, education, and perhaps changing the world. But what is the specific thing that YOU want to experience in GEG? What will GEG give to YOU?  The answer to this question will guide you in how you should get involved with your local GEG. 

Get Involved in a GEG

See if there is a GEG in your region here (if you want to create a GEG, check here )

Join the GEG Leader Community

A great thing on GEG is that you don't just get inspired by the educator's community, but by our fellow GEG Leaders as well. Leaders communicate and collaborate even if they're not from the same GEG to exchange ideas, experiences, suggestions and resources.

Get ready to organizing events

Stay active

You can also do much more in GEG than events!

Have fun!