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Issue No. 82 | March, 2023

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GEG Ahmedabad

Canva 4 Teachers - Beginners Session

A PD session on Canva for Teachers was held on the 18th, of February 2023. Ms. Tejal Chhaya, one of the six canvassador mentored this session in which she explaine the uses of Canva and features useful for teachers in their daily work. More than 380 educators around the globe registered for this event and thus the event was live broadcasted on GEG Ahmedabad's YouTube Channel. She very gracefully explained how to created a login in Canva, how to register as a teacher and get the benefit of premium features for free, how to use canva to make presentations, flyers, animations, videos, etc. Moreover, she also showed how to become a "Canvassador". There was live audience who was active in the chat and the query was also answered simultaneously in the live chat.

Dr. Vishal Varia, Leader of GEG Ahmedabad along with Co-Leaders Ms. Deepti Vyas and Payal Rachhadia and Ms. Ritika Tyagi, Co-Leader of GEG Pune hosted the session. Ms. Deepti and Ms. Payal, started the session with very interesting activity where they asked the audience to identify certain cartoon characters. The audience was overjoyed to get involved in the activity and we could see young kids in form or educators attending such session.

This was a joint activity of GEG Ahmedabad and GEG Pune, who work in conjunction to provide such valuable professional development session to the members of their communities.

We are thankful to Tejal Chhaya for sparing her time and expertise for the community and to all the vibrant educators around the world who spared their time to learn and upgrade.

The session can be viewed with the below link on YouTube: 

GEG Sweden

GEG Sweden Peaks at Their Year 10 & Will Share their Knowledge at SETT 2023

For the first time ever GEG Sweden has its own stand (D44) at Sweden's biggest edtech fair*. All 6 Captains will be there. One session every hour. 1 Captain per day is content manager.

GEG Sweden started February 1st, 2014 and has adopted most of what Google has contributed, in regards of empowering the community.

The sessions will vary from hands-on demo slams to interviews. There will be swag, coffee, competitions with prices, pamphlets and more.

Success metrics we strive for are:

- Not one person saying that we're comparing Google Workspace for Education with other similar systems.

- Not one person saying that we tried to sell them anything.

- 100 more members

- 1 school leader that wants to know - more about what a Google Certified Coach can do for them.

We are as well co-hosting an event on day 1 at Google HQ in the evening.

Of course we will cover the latest trends such as ChatGPT and national standard testing done digitally.

Here are our Captains:

Anders Wockatz - Leader

Martina Soomro - Co-leader and Empower Captain

Kim Nilsson - Share Captain

Rakel Cedersjö - Learn Captain

Martin Björklund - Inspire Captain

Anna-Lena Slott Persson - Inclusivity Captain


GEG Ghaziabad & GEG Surat

Google Educator Groups Asia-Pacific Connect GEG APAC Weekend 

‘Staying Connected 7.0’ Google Crowdsource for Languages 

Google Educator Group (GEG) is the one of the community by Google, In association with GEG Ghaziabad and GEG Surat and GEG Japan Educator Group jointly organized the all the GEG Community across the ASIA Google Educator Groups Asia-Pacific Connect GEG APAC Weekend ‘Staying Connected 7.0’ Online Live January 14 and 15, 2023 conducted in multiple Languages.

Crowdsource event presented in English Language titled as “Google Crowdsource for Languages” and via YouTube Live. As per the schedule mentioned APAC English Language event hosted by Panna Gandhi, Leader GEG Surat, Google for Education Certified Trainer. Mukta Sablok, Leader GEG Ghaziabad, Google for Education Certified Trainer and Dr. Sumedha Sodhi, Co- Leader GEG Ghaziabad, Google for Education Certified Level 1, Level 2.

Influencer R.Vinothkumar explained about Google’s missions, Crowdsource community, applications, uses and contributions and future updates. how to useful for billion users of internet future products by Google Lens, Google Translator, Google Maps using voice recognition in Multi-languages introduction in Google, Explained about contribution to crowd source app, web, features, benefits, levels. Additionally Machine learning, by the crowd source videos. How to train the public datasets models by using crowdsource contribution to the Internet world.

Crowdsource for Languages

This session focused on the following topics

1. Google Announcement about 1000 Language Communities, Learning Communities, Explore ML and Influencer Academy

2. How Google Crowdsource has helped to improved AI/ML System for Natural Languages in Multi Languages in India (Tamil, English, Malayalam, Telugu, Oriya etc)

3. Natural Languages Research by Google, about Google APIs., etc

4. Google for India, Google Crowdsource campaign, swag and global summit etc.,

5. Crowdsource language communities, Crowdsource learning communities

Influencer Academy and Campaigns (OCR, Share your script, Vocalize, AIforSky etc,)




Bueno por fin llegamos a desarrollar el GEG Hackathon Educacion 23 donde el desafío clave era inducir y motivar a aprender programación con Google App Script a los Educadores.

Se registraron 40 Educadores en la Fase de capacitación solo se animaron a participar de la fase final del Hackathon 15 de ellos con 4 proyectos

Los Educadores que pasaron la fase de preparación afrontaron 24 Horas de trabajo maratónico del 25 al 26 de febrero 2023 demostrando su aprendizaje, creatividad e innovación para crear una aplicación o complemento en Google Workspace las cuales Fueron evaluadas y calificadas por nuestros Jurados especializados.

Video de la ultima fase del Hackathon.

Los proyectos y defensas de los 4 grupos participantes frente a jurados invitados.

1er Puesto:

Nombre del proyecto: GenReport Academic

Integrantes: Francisca Flores Contreras, Ginelda Juana Vela Machicado, José Luis Huaygua Callanti

Nombre del Equipo: Hacks BolMex 2023

Objetivo del Proyecto

Automatización de reportes de estudiantes con AppScript

2do Puesto

Nombre del proyecto: CÓDIGO DE CONTROL POR QR

Susy Carlo, Escarlet Rios Pozzo, Lisbeth Silvia Saca Cazorla, Limbert Rios Uriona

Objetivo del Proyecto

Automatizar la generación de un código QR individual al inscribirse a un evento, para luego controlar la entrega de material a través de dicho código, optimizando el tiempo.

Mención al esfuerzo:

Nombre del proyecto: YO Y MI CLASSROOM


Jesús Jorge Quisbert Lopez

Juan Carlos Ríos Martínez

Gunther Martínez

Nombre del proyecto: Automatización con Google Classroom


Franz Mamani Duran

María Aguilar Flores

Raul Hermogenes Córdoba Camacho

Mario Arosemena

Ruth Tejerina Farfan 


Well, we finally got to develop the GEG Hackathon Education 23 where the key challenge was to induce and motivate Educators to learn programming with Google App Script.

40 Educators registered in the Training Phase, only 15 of them with 4 projects were encouraged to participate in the final phase of the Hackathon

The Educators who passed the preparation phase faced 24 Hours of marathon work from February 25 to 26, 2023 demonstrating their learning, creativity and innovation to create an application or complement in Google Workspace which were evaluated and qualified by our specialized Juries.

Video of the last phase of the Hackathon.

The projects and defenses of the 4 participating groups in front of invited juries.

1st Place:

Project name: GenReport Academic

Members: Francisca Flores Contreras, Ginelda Juana Vela Machicado, José Luis Huaygua Callanti

Team Name: Hacks BolMex 2023

Objective of the project

Automating student reports with AppScript

2nd place

Project name: CONTROL CODE BY QR

Susy Carlo, Escarlet Rios Pozzo, Lisbeth Silvia Saca Cazorla, Limbert Rios Uriona

Objective of the project

Automate the generation of an individual QR code when registering for an event, to later control the delivery of material through said code, optimizing time.

Effort Mention:



Jesus Jorge Quisbert Lopez

Juan Carlos Rios Martinez

gunther martinez

Project name: Automation with Google Classroom


Franz Mamani Duran

Maria Aguilar Flores

Raul Hermogenes Cordoba Camacho

Mario Arosemena

Ruth Tejerina Farfan"

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GEG Leader Spotlight

Spotlight on GEG Buenos Aires Leader

Marian Rossi


How did you initially get involved in your local GEG?

We were going through the lockdown due to the covid 19 pandemic in 2020. I got involved in training provided by google, and preparing to take level 1 of the certification, I found out about the GEG program. This is how I located GEG Buenos Aires, which at that time was led by my personal friend and educational mentor, Belén Carreira. I started working as a team with her and after a few months, I was leading the GEG with her. 

What is your favourite thing about being a GEG leader? 

What I like most about leading it´s that I have the freedom to give it its own defined identity, different from the other GEGs, together with the wonderful team of captains that accompanies me: Leticia Lombardi, Patricia Ugo, Cecilia Gil Rodríguez, Silvana Mizerak

and Matías Sander. (I love you guys!)

The GEG program has the flexibility to allow you to work on it, depending on the place and people that make it up. 

What do you feel you have personally gained from your involvement? 

I feel very lucky to participate in the GEG program. Personally, I managed to have a network of contacts at an educational level, both locally and internationally, with whom I maintain a close relationship and we work on educational projects together. This exponentially enriched my teaching career.  

What is one skill/site/resource that you have learned about recently that teachers might be interested in?


One resource I'd like to share that I recently learned about is the use of CHAT GPT and de AI as an educational tool. A few weeks ago we held a webinar on the matter at the GEG Buenos Aires. 

Tell us about an event that you have coming up that excites you. 

I am very excited about an International project between GEG Buenos Aires and a group of educators from Kazakhstan to use Google Workspace tools to implement it in Education. 

What is your most memorable GEG moment online or in person? 

One of the most memorable moments so far was bringing the first face-to-face event. Being able to get out of virtuality and contact real people, giving training on project-based learning and celebrating the two years of our GEG. It was epic. 

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking of becoming a GEG leader? 

Being a leader is an arduous task, which requires time and willingness to help other colleagues grow. My advice would be for the future leader to take the time to assess whether it is possible to be fully involved, so as not to feel overwhelmed and not be able to move forward with the program. 

What quote would like to include in this article to inspire NEW/Existing GEG leaders or members? 

Educational transformation is possible. Join the GEG program to make it happen! 

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