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Issue No. 80 | January, 2023

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Professional Development Thursdays

Guiding Teachers To Deep Dive into Google Forms - What is Google Forms? Google Forms is a tool within Google Drive for creating online survey forms. It is not as feature-rich as Qualtrics, but it does support basic data validation, basic skip logic, and a range of question types.

Google Forms is a free online tool from Google which allows users to create forms, surveys, and quizzes as well as to collaboratively edit and share the forms with other people. Educators can use Google forms to assess their students at the beginning of the class and gauge pre-existing knowledge. Furthermore, Google forms can be used to give feedback to and receive feedback from students and parents. Similarly, students can use Google forms to assess their own learning and set learning goals as well as to collect data for their research projects.

Using Google Forms: You need to sign in to Google to be able to create, access, and share content on Google Forms. Google provides tons of pre-designed templates for users, including RSVP, party invitations, event feedback, and course evaluation. If you want to design your own Google form, you can select the blank template. There are many types of questions you can include in a Google Form, including short answers, paragraph responses, multiple choice, checkboxes, dropdown, linear scale, and multiple choice grid. You can embed images and videos directly into a form, which is a great way to assess what students think and learn immediately after viewing the image or video. You can also include an upload feature for students to upload their work.

The data from Google Forms is collected in a Google Spreadsheet, which allows for further analysis. Google Forms also offers a “summary of responses” feature that creates visual representation of close-ended questions (e.g., multiple choice, checkbox). Google allows users to embed, link, and email Google forms, so that you can easily share the results with others (see Using Google Forms).

GEG Spain Meet-ups en Cádiz, Madrid y Zaragoza

Se han llevado a cabo tres pequeños encuentros presenciales en España, coordinados por GEG Spain, a los que han asistido docentes de todas las partes del país.

En concreto, hemos disfrutado de eventos en el colegio Nuestra Señora del Carmen de la Fundación Vedruna Educación de San Fernando Cádiz (19 de noviembre), en la sede de Google for Education en Madrid (21 de noviembre) y en el colegio CPA Salduie de Zaragoza (24 de noviembre)

Estos eventos tendrán continuidad durante el año 2023. El próximo en la lista será en Zaragoza (misma sede) el 19 de enero y Murcia ( colegio Virgen del Pasico enTorre Pacheco) el 28 de enero.

Con estos encuentros, GEG Spain pretende establecer redes de docentes que compartan experiencias y aprendizajes en un formato presencail y cercano y que sean el motor de actividades y eventos de mayor tamaño en el futuro.

La creacíón natural de equipos de trabajo locales (presentes ya en Andalucía, Murcía, Aragón, Cataluña o País Vasco) enriquecerá a las comunidades de docentes de cada zona.

GEG Japan Initiates More Local Engagement & Collaboration

From summer 2022, Google Educator Groups in Japan have representation in all 47 prefectures of the country - a long term goal achieved! But simply having representation is one small part of the plan. As 2023 is born, GEG Japan is looking forward to growing many new initiatives launched in 2022 that will foster interaction and collaboration amoung GEG Leaders in Japan.

One such initiative is Google Japan making provision for regional GEG Leaders to gather and plan collaborative events. In October, leaders from Aichi, Mie, and Shiga prefectures spent a weekend hosted by GEG Nabari in Mie. The first day was a fruitful day of leadership training in which participants considered how to discover 'gaps' in their teaching and learning contexts and how to take steps to address them. The second day was exclusively for GEG Leaders in the region to get better acquainted before sharing event ideas. By the end of the session, a full day of face-to-face professional development was decided upon, with a morning of prepared sessions and an afternoon Edcamp. The event will be held in Nagoya, in March 2023, and hopes to attract educators from around the region.

Help us to help you promote your events and amazing work by tagging @GEGProgram on all tweets you make about events or feedback you get from members. We love to join in your celebrations.

GEG Leader Spotlight

Spotlight on GEG DehliNCR Leader

Sangeeta Gulati

Twitter Handle: @sangeetagulati9

Local GEG: GEG DelhiNCR

GEG Twitter:

How did you initially get involved in your local GEG?

I am a Google Certified Innovator and had the fortune of being part of Google Teacher Academy (now known as Innovator Academy) Gurgaon, India in 2014. It was here that I first got introduced to the GEG program and subsequently had the opportunity to contribute as a Google Educator leader for various programs of Google for Education, India. In 2020, I founded GEG DelhiNCR and with the support of my dynamic Co leader Sanchita Ghosh and Captains- Roopali Arora and Vibha Puri , we have been able to support and empower educators.

What is your favourite thing about being a GEG leader?

I love the connections I have made as a GEG Leader. The monthly interactions with GEG APAC leaders and GEG leaders of India refuels the enthusiasm. The work done by the amazing leaders for their respective groups inspires me and keeps me motivated. I have also enjoyed hosting and interacting with some of the stars of the Edtech world like Alice Keeler, Jake Miller, Nathan Gildart , and many more on the GEGDelhiNCR Live sessions. These sessions can be accessed from our YouTube channel.

What do you feel you have personally gained from your involvement?

As a GEG Leader, I have learned to collaborate, plan and deliver efficiently. I have also developed deeper understanding of the needs of other educators and I am able to empathize with them better.

What is one skill/site/resource that you have learned about recently that teachers might be interested in?

I have been aware of Google Arts and Culture for long but it is only recently that I have started exploring it from the perspective of a STEM educator. I encourage all educators to explore Google Arts and Culture and introduce it to their students irrespective the subject and class they may be teaching.

Tell us about an event that you have coming up that excites you.

Twice a year GEGs of Asia Pacific host an online weekend “Staying Connected” where different GEGs across Asia Pacific do live sessions in their local language.

I am looking forward to hosting Staying Connected 7.0 on Jan 14 & 15, 2023 for GEGDelhiNCR in Hindi. This will be the fifth time when we will be hosting these sessions and give opportunities to other educators to join us on our platform as presenters.

What is your most memorable GEG moment online or in person?

My most memorable GEG moment happened when we did a session on Student Agency and Student Empowerment and seven of our students took the lead on our platform and presented an amazing session sharing their experiences with Google workspace. ( )

Before you go, do you have any advice for anyone thinking of becoming a GEG leader?

If you are thinking of becoming a GEG leader, then I would first suggest that you become an active member of any GEG of your locality. Secondly, identify two or three other like minded persons who can join you as Co-leader and captains.The team you built will inspire and motivate each other and also give direction to your GEG.

What would you a quote that you would like to include in this article to inspire NEW/Existing GEG leaders or members?

As an educator, most of us work hard to ensure all our lesson plans are always perfect and we don’t want to experiment with new ideas just in case they don’t work.This at times prevents us from growing and changing.

For my fellow (new) GEG leaders and members I would like to leave the quote by Simon Sinek -“Don’t wait for perfection before you start. Start somewhere so you can have something tangible you can work to perfect.”

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