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Issue No. 79 | December, 2022

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GEG Poland Advent Calendar 2022

Due to the approaching Christmas, GEG Poland has prepared an advent calendar for the first 24 days of December 2022. We decided to describe Google's tools for education in different ways: posters, links, videos, gifs, podcasts and many more to different people: teachers, school principals, administrators and often to ordinary users who do not use Google Workspace daily.

To create the Calendar, we used a simple but quite effective technology, i.e. Google Sheets. GEG Poland was established a few months ago and the creation of the Advent Calendar was our biggest undertaking so far.

We promoted these events on a regular basis on Facebook and Twitter social profiles. In the meantime, we have created a GEG Poland account on LinkedIn to further increase the reach of the published content. Video materials have also been posted on our growing YouTube channel.

As GEG Poland, we have noticed a huge increase in popularity, which motivates us to create more activities and publish them also on our website

The calendar has been prepared in Polish. It is located at

Discovering The Hidden Gems of Google Sheets

GEGDelhiNCR had the privilege of hosting DR Bahsharudin Mohd Sharif, Leader, GEG Paya Rumput, Malaysia on December 10, 2022.

Dr. Bahsha (@bahsharudin) is Google Certified Trainer and a Google Certified Innovator (#VIA22). He is well known for his strong understanding and grasp of Google Sheets and Data Studio (now known as Looker Studio)

In his session “ Hidden Gems of Google Sheets” Dr. Bahsha uncovered some rare gems of Google Sheets that would ease the work of educators and remove the stress of learning complex-looking formulae. With great proficiency and patience, he demonstrated the use of “SEQUENCE FUNCTION” in copying the data in real-time from one source to the other.

The simple way to insert an image in a cell from a source was much appreciated by the live participants as ideas started flowing on how this can help teachers to maintain records of students along with their image.

How to Import Range, efficient use of Named Range and Named Function were all well demonstrated with the help of data. Dr. Bahsha ensured that the audience got a copy of the same data so that they could practice the functions along with him.

We truly appreciate Dr Bahsha’s style of presentation as he explained each step so very carefully and kept the audience engaged. GEGDelhiNCR is thankful to him for joining us all the way from Malaysia

ESPACIO GEG Buenos Aires - 1st Edition.

Last Saturday, December 3rd, we organized a face-to-face meeting regarding the creation of the event "Espacio GEG Buenos Aires" in its 1st Edition, in Puerto Madero, in Buenos Aires city.

Throughout 2022, we shared with our community, among other interesting projects, the cycle "And if you could save a life?", with 5 virtual meetings - available on our YouTube channel - and dictated by our Learning Captain Matías Sanders, who is the founder of the Argentine Rescue and Assistance Corps.

This event counted on the collaboration between Marcelo Theyler from La Clase Digital, Print A Lot and Pizzini, and companies that participated with incredible products that we raffled off among those present, so that all attendees could have a little gift!

We also thank Google for Education and GEG Hispanoamérica for the support, dissemination and swag we received for this event!

It was an incredible day to close the year with a flourish, alot to learn about first aid and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Respiration), with games, demonstrations, music and lots of energy! Next year the cycle will continue!

We want to especially thank those who attended the event, because thanks to them we were able to achieve a very special end of the year!

Happy 2023 everyone!

Leadership team

GEG Buenos Aires

Google Crowdsource for Tamil - Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

In association with the Department of TAMIL, Government Arts & Science College, Thennangur, Vandavasi-604408, Thiruvannamalai Dt, Tamil Nadu, India conducted “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning”

As per the schedule mentioned event started with Prayer Song “Thamizhthai Vazhthu” by Students, Welcome Address by Dr.Ezhilvasanthan, Organizing Secretary, Assistant Professor, Head, and an Inaugural Address by the College, Principal, Dr.S.Uvarajan.

Mr.Nikhil Raichur, Program Manager, Crowdsource by Google gave a brief talk via Google Meet about Google Crowdsource and Introduced Influencer Mr. R.Vinothkumar who spoke about:

1. Google’s mission how to provide search results.

2. Google's position to help students and Teachers at the Time of COVID.

3. Internet safety for Girls students (Suicide prevention)

4. Google Communities: Crowdsource community, applications, uses and contributions, and future updates.

5. Lens, Google Translator, Google Maps using voice recognition in Multi-languages introduction in Google, Explained about contribution to crowdsourced app, web, features, benefits, levels.

6. Google Crowdsource how to helped to improve AI/ML System for Natural Languages (Tamil)

7. Tamil Job opportunities provided by Google, ex: Blogger, Youtube, Etc

The participant’s 150+ students from Tamil Department and other department’s students also participated. Total participants 300+ around 150+ crowdsource app installed. Conducted an online Kahoot Quiz, Kahoot.

The event highly appreciated by all the members, with high ratings. The event news published in Tamil News papers Dinamalar, and Dinamani.

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GEG Leader Spotlight

Spotlight on GEG Guate Leader

Betzabé Orenos

Twitter Handle: @betzydbo

Local GEG: GEG Guate

GEG Twitter:

Other Social Media for your GEG:

What is your role in the GEG leadership team?

There are a lot of things to do in the group and I enjoy every one of them. The best thing is that we all support each other and most importantly respect each other’s time and priorities. So my role comes down to motivating my colleagues and making sure they feel empowered, valued and appreciated but above all that we all remain united.

How did you initially get involved in your local GEG?

GEG Guate has a very unique beginning. It is a story that started as a dream in the hearts of two people who met by chance. I was wrapping up my Apps Development for Entrepreneurs course and a friend of mine suggested I invited Bilkar Morataya, a well-known entrepreneur in Guatemala, to my class (virtually) to provide feedback to my students. After the class we had the most engaging conversation where we both learned we had so many goals in common being one of them starting the first Google Educator Group in our country. After our conversation in November, he pushed forward with the application and in December 2020, Andrea Barrios referred us to our mentor Martin Niebuhr, also leader of GEG Perú. We felt supported and more empowered and officially launched GEG Guate accompanied by other wonderful leaders in Latin America. It was an incredible beginning and now it has become part of the things I love doing! Every single educator that has joined the group, members, captains, and leaders who dedicate time to it, motivate me each day to continue in this laudable endeavor.

What is your most memorable GEG moment online or in person?

I have a top 3 that has shown me that in this wonderful community of GEG we truly share, learn, inspire and empower each other:

  1. The minute I became part of the community I made great friends beyond borders! I will never forget meeting amazing leaders across Latin America and the globe who are there to support and exchange best practices. I am so glad that we are all GEG colleagues and friends!

  2. At last we met in person!! It was almost the 1st anniversary of GEG Guate and finally, the leaders and captains got together to learn more about each other and have a fun team and family time. Our first in-person gathering took place on November 28, 2021. We recently gathered again on October 31, 2022 hybrid and we welcomed more captains to our GEG. Friends from Spain, El Salvador, Perú, Brazil, and Honduras joined us.

  3. As a group we have facilitated training at no cost, believing in the power that sharing with others has. We ran a hackathon on our first anniversary and the winners were faculty in Health Sciences from Universidad de Carabobo, Venezuela. It was a very inspiring experience to provide training for GEC L1 and L2 to these persevering teachers. They attended the training either from a laptop or phone and successfully became certified. Their will for learning and integrating technology in their teaching practices made us feel even more passionate for what we do.

What is your most favorite thing about being a GEG leader?

Discovering more hidden gems! I am sure that if you are reading this article you probably felt like me before joining the community. You were driven here for curiosity; because you like to learn and innovate. You were probably the teacher everyone in the faculty looks at in a weird way. Maybe because your class is the noisiest, or because you are taking your students outside the classroom for activities, or simply because you are doing things in a different way. My most favorite thing about being a GEG leader is finding more teachers like YOU! As more of us come together and shine to empower others, not only the GEG keeps growing but we are building a powerful community of transformational educators in our countries.

What do you feel you have personally gained from your involvement?

I’ve gained great friends who with little contributions have achieved great things! To better explain how I feel about it, I will quote Mr. Big “From humble beginnings great things happen. The family you have - That makes you rich. The friends you choose - That makes them family. And with these things, you will never feel small.” Mr. Big, Zootopia ¡Gracias amigos de GEG Guate!

In addition, the contributions we make to the extent we can, with time, ideas, workshops, or content always find a way to reach a teacher who needs them. This is a big gain.

Finally, I was given the opportunity to collaborate along with other wonderful educators in the creation of a manual of strategies for the using Google Workspace tools for in person learning in Spanish, recently published by Google for Education. It was an amazing experience. I hope that teachers find the strategies useful!

Tell me something that you learnt in the last month.

In the last month I learnt something very valuable. I had waited for the Google Innovator Academy for my region for two years. It finally came and I worked very hard to apply. Unfortunately, I was not accepted this time which made me a bit sad because I had been waiting so long for it. However, I am so excited that members of GEG Guate felt encouraged to apply. I am very happy and proud that my colleague Sheila Escobedo entered the academy! Congrats Sheilita! What is the learning from this experience? That when you take risks, when you dare, there is always someone ready to follow in your footsteps. And that is why I leave you this phrase of my authorship:

We’ll never find out how far we can go if we don’t dare to! Dare to accomplish our goals, dare to fulfill our dreams, and dare to go beyond to inspire others.

I am so glad that more educators are engaging in opportunities like this one!

Tell me about one event that you have coming up that excites you

Our 2nd anniversary!!! GEG Guate is starting 2023 with celebration! We are celebrating 24 months, 9 captains, 7 leaders and tons of learning opportunities to come! This celebration will take place in January and we hope to see our GEG friends as well.

Before you go, do you have any advice for anyone thinking of becoming a GEG a leader?

Empathy is key, especially in a group that is based on volunteering and consists of human relationships. The success of our group has been to empathize with each other, understanding that as teachers our time is limited and divided into planning, grading, parent meetings, faculty meetings, professional development and last but not least our family and wellness time. Respecting all these and showing empathy has made us feel more united and able to support each other. As a future leader, I recommend you keep this in mind.

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Resizing Pivot Tables in Google Sheets

We’re excited to announce a requested feature that allows you to resize the pivot table editor side panel when creating or editing a pivot table. This functionality is especially useful when the names of columns or fields are too long and you want to see the text in its entirety.

In January 2022, we announced the general availability of translated captions in Google Meet. Translated captions provide real-time translations of the speaker's language, helping to make meetings more inclusive and collaborative for meeting participants.

We’re expanding on this feature and beginning today, you can:

  • Translate English calls into Japanese, Mandarin (simplified), and Swedish

  • Translate French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish calls into English.

Additionally, standard captions are now available in Japanese, Russian, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Mandarin (traditional). Visit the Help Center for a complete list of available languages.

Some languages will include a “Beta” tag as we continue to optimize performance and introduce additional languages over time. We will continue to provide updates on the Workspace Updates blog as more languages become available.