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Issue No. 78 | Date: November 28, 2022

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Happy 8th anniversary GEG Peru!🧁

Perú is a beautiful country in South America very well known for the ancient city of Machu Pichu and the magical Rainbow Mountain. During the week of November 14th to 18th, GEG Perú celebrated 8 years with a week of learning called: "Google Educators Week". Leaders from all 11 GEGs in Perú participated as well as leaders and speakers from other countries.

They all shared trending topics about the Workspace apps and other innovative strategies for the classroom. This wonderful week was organized by the GEG Perú leader and GEG LatAm Mentor, Martin Niebuhr. All the logistics for streaming and resources were the result of the collaboration of G Labs LatAm. A group conformed by leaders of GEG from Guatemala, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil with Martin as the founder.

If you'd like to peek into all the learning that took place during the week of anniversary visit the playlist on their Youtube channel.

Congratulations to GEG Perú, GEG Arequipa, GEG Cajamarca, GEG Cusco, GEG La Libertad, GEG Lambayeque, GEG Lima, GEG Monquegua, GEG Piura, GEG Tacna and GEG Puno. Here's to more years of sharing, learning, inspiring and empowering!

GEG Buenos Aires Team in the TV program "Education and Technology".

Geg Buenos Aires, was invited to participate in several episodes of the TV show "Education and Technology" hosted by Marcelo Theyler and a great team.

In one of the aforementioned episodes, Marian Rossi, the Leader of this GEG, participated exposing the structure and operation of the Google Educator Groups.

She invited viewers to join and participate in these communities of teachers who share knowledge and skills to empower each other.

Also in another episode, Patricia Ugo, Empowerment Captain, shared tools available to recognize safe sites and content to share with our students. Bring digital citizenship to parents too and empower the next generation.

Matías Sanders, Learning Captain, also participated in this show: he spoke about First Aid in the school environment and provided 5 tips to act in CPR, stressing the importance of strong and robust prevention, so as not to have to go to 1st Aid and of training everyone, creating a collective culture of care.

Silvana Mizerak, Communications Captain, presented Google for Education's free Teacher Training Program to help create safe and innovative learning environments. He talked about the certifications and opportunities offered by this program.

And to close these invitations, Leticia Lombardi, Captain of Inspiration, shared the use of a powerful application, Book Creator, to create book libraries with interactive, collaborative and traceable content for the classroom, enhancing cognitive functions.

Leticia Lombardi

Marian Rossi.

Matias Sanders

Patricia Ugo

Silvana Mizerak

GEG Kolkata: Using Mote Effectively

GEG Kolkata, India organised a special session on the different uses of Mote with live demonstration which was conducted by Ms. Sanchita Ghosh, Google Trainer and Innovator, Co-Leader GEG Delhi NCR. The purpose of the session was to familiarise educators with the different features of Mote that can be effectively utilised by educators teaching different subjects.

The educators were given a thorough understanding of how Mote works and its efficacy given its user friendly nature. It not only gave educators the ease to explain instructions to students in their own voice but also enabled better understanding by young learners and slow learners who some times faced difficulty in understanding the written instructions.

Mote can be used by educators teaching different subjects for instance English educators can give a lot of practice for ASL- Assessment of Listening and Speaking Skills as prescribed by the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). The students can also be encouraged to use Mote to record and share their practice sessions with their teachers for a more nuanced learning experience.

Ms. Ghosh also gave many examples on how Mote can be used effectively in the teaching of Social Sciences and even Mathematics. She gave a lot of ideas to educators on how they can innovatively and effectively utilise Mote to make their classroom experiences more engaging and enriching.

Help us to help you promote your events and amazing work by tagging @GEGProgram on all tweets you make about events or feedback you get from members. We love to join in your celebrations.

GEG Leader Spotlight

Spotlight on GEG Kolkata Leader

Sudeepta Chatterjee

How did you initially get involved in your local GEG?

  • I got to know more about the GEGs from Dr. Narjeet Kaur, GEG Leader Punjab & Amritsar who had also been my mentor and like they say, the rest is history.

What is your favourite thing about being a GEG leader?

  • I have enjoyed each and every moment of being a GEG leader. I have been able to reach out to educators all over the world and invite them to showcase their knowledge and expertise enabling them to "Learn, Share, Inspire and Empower"!

What do you feel you have personally gained from your involvement?

  • It has truly been an enriching experience. I have not only learnt so much more about Ed Tech but I've also been able to befriend so many like minded educators who are all self motivated to bring about a change in their teaching-learning experiences and who are not afraid to experiment, innovate and educate.

What is one skill/site/resource that you have learned about recently that teachers might be interested in?

  • I am fascinated by Google Arts and Culture and enjoy how it promotes multidisciplinary learning in and outside the classroom.

Tell us about an event that you have coming up that excites you.

  • I am looking forward to attending the GEG APAC sessions in January 2023. In the past GEG Kolkata has hosted the GEG APAC Weekend 5.0 in Bengali (one of the regional languages of India). It has also collaborated with GEG Nagoya to host GEG APAC Staying Connected 6.0 in English.

What is your most memorable GEG moment online or in person?

  • When I presented online at the GEG APAC session 4.0 for the first time, the kind of support and encouragement I received from GEG Nagoya and GEG Ortigas was enough motivation for me to seriously consider starting my own GEG. It felt like I too could be of some help and assistance to my fellow educators.

Before you go, do you have any advice for anyone thinking of becoming a GEG leader?

  • "Just Do It!" You wouldn't know what you are missing out on!

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