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Issue No. 75 | Date: August 27, 2022

Local Success Stories from GEG

We hope you have all settled back into work after the holidays.

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GEG Events

Bring your community together to collaborate

Presenting the amazing Google updates for teachers in Croatia

The GEG Croatia webinar on July 8, 2022 as a part of our Google Friday webinars, Sandra Vuk, Jasmina Vidaković and myself have shared some amazing features that we thought the teachers in Croatia should be introduced to.

Link to our webinar: Webučionica 2.0 U Google svijetu 8.7.22._0.mp4

Because people are printing their documents less than before we started our webinar with the Google Docs updates. The newest update gives you the opportunity to change the document's page setup (pages or pageless setup).

If you set your document as no pages you can easily scroll your Google Doc continuously without page breaks. In this setting, the images will adjust to the size of your screen and you can create larger tables (view them by scrolling left and right). Text line breaks will also adjust to your screen size. When viewing a non-paged document, you can choose narrow, medium, or wide text width. You'll see the same text width on all paginated documents.

We continued with the additional font style and size options that have been added in Google Forms, as well as the ability to individually customise headers, sub-headers and text.

We have also mentioned the rich text formatting which allows you to customise your forms. This great feature allows you to use bold, underline, italics, hyperlinks, and lists in titles, questions and descriptions.

Another feature which makes us very happy is embedding results from Google Forms in Docs, Slides and Drawings. Just by clicking copy - paste all your answers can be later on updated when presenting the results in Google slides.

We presented that Google Drive is now also easier to navigate. Before we could see information about each file in our Drive, but now when we go to the list view we can see all the required plugins for all files (who is the author of the content, the size....). This easier content search is magnificent and the participants were amazed when they saw this new feature.

We did not forget to mention the increasing space in Google Slides for interactive activities such as hide speaker notes, hide the filmstrip, hide menu and full screen.

Along with these options, we mentioned that in Google Calendar you can create meeting schedules instead of meeting times. You can make yourself a block of activities that you plan to hold in some period of time. Be aware that first you have to activate this feature in your settings (go to settings and then appointment schedules). This is a very good update for scheduling the student consultations or meetings with the parents of your students. This helps you save so much time.

The last update we mentioned was Google meet picture in picture. This means you no longer have to lose sight of your Google meeting while you're presenting different tabs (find it in your Google meeting when clicking on those three dots). Enjoy easily navigating other tabs when your Google meet stays in the bottom right corner.

At the end of our webinar the participants had a fun assignment which you can see on the link. . After completing the Google Form, all participants received a certificate made in Autocrat.

Link to our website:

Kristina Čobanković

Osnovna škola Julija Benešića, Ilok (Croatia)

GEGAPAC Staying Connected 6.0: Celebrate Student Learning

Google Educator Groups of Asia Pacific held the Educational Technology Online Weekend, Staying Connected 6.0 on July 15-17, 2022. GEGDelhiNCR celebrated this weekend of learning on July 16 & 17, 2022 with 11 sessions presented by Educators from pan India.The sessions were held in Hindi/ English language to connect with the community.

Day 1
Starting with the Curtain Raiser, the lineup for the first day had an exciting start with a Session on Applied Digital Skills presented by Ms Suparna Mukherjee and four students from class 6.

True to the subtheme of Celebrate Student Learning, Ms Neeru Mittal with her two students showcased how ‘Programming with Empathy’ can create assistive tools for people with special needs. The first day also had some enlightening sessions on “Flip” and “Canva”. Ms Vibha Puri, the Empower Captain of GEG DelhiNCR shared some amazing Chrome extensions which can support “Shaping Independent Learners”

Day 2

The second day had equally exciting and inspiring sessions. It was heartening to see two students of Ms Vineeta Garg sharing their experiences and learning inspired from the Be Internet Awesome program of Google. Dr Pratibha Kohli, a school leader, had a panel of five students talking to us about various Google apps. Ms Sanchita Ghosh, Co- leader of GEG DelhiNCR and Ms Roopali Arora, Learn Captain of GEG DelhiNCR showcased use of Google Sites as a powerful collaborative tool. Ms Sangeeta Gulati, Leader of GEG DelhiNCR presented a session on Desmos to showcase the beautiful artwork created by students using mathematical functions and the use of Activity Builder for all subjects.

The two day program has links to all the recordings and a link to the full playlist. Get Connected with GEGDelhiNCR

GEG Turkey First Meet Up Event

The first meeting of GEG Turkey took place on June 23 at Boğaziçi University South Campus. Participants of the activity started the day by learning about Google communities with the speech of Merve İşler, Community Manager at Google. After the introduction part, participants learned about "Googley Development Opportunities for Educators "with Banu Aykın Köylüer, the Leader of GEG Turkey. They had an inspiring day with the interactive activities "Creative Googley Solutions Workshop" after the lunch break and networking against the Bosphorus in a pleasant environment. Participants worked as individuals and in groups that determined in the activity. At the end of the day, there was an interesting musical activity in which participants created a unique song via Chrome Music Lab app. The song created was shared with the participants later. After the lunch break and networking against the Bosphorus in a pleasant environment. Thank you for all participants who attended this welcome activity, as GEG Turkey Team we are looking forward the next meeting.

Encontros Marcados de Inverno - Winter Appointments
O GEG Belo Horizonte de Minas Gerais realiza periodicamente encontros abertos e gratuitos, em cooperação com outros GEGs do Brasil, num evento denominado "ENCONTRO MARCADO" com o objetivo de divulgar as ferramentas aplicadas ao contexto escolar, inspirando educadores a utilizarem as tecnologias digitais na sala de aula e convidando outros GEGs para trabalharem colaborativamente.

Cada GEG apresenta uma ferramenta Google e explica como o professor pode aplicá-la na sua disciplina em sala de aula.

Neste evento, que teve duração de 15/06/22 a 11/07/22, participaram os GEGs das cidades de São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Vinhedo, Belo Horizonte, Uberlândia, Santo Hipólito, Santa Maria do Herval, Santo Antônio da Patrulha, Lavras da Mangabeiras, Conselheiro Lafaiete, Lagoa Vermelha, Porto Alegre Várzea da Palma.

As ferramentas estudadas foram Google Forms, Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Jamboard, Google Calendar, Google Planilhas, Google Classroom, Google Keep. Os palestrantes também abordaram nas suas apresentações assuntos discutidos atualmente na educação brasileira, como Metodologias Ativas, Competências para o profissional do século XXI, Metaverso, Metodologias Ágeis, Extensões do Google Chrome, Spatial Chat e a plataforma Khan Academy

A estratégia das oficinas foi promover os 4Cs - Criatividade, Pensamento Crítico, Colaboração e Comunicação para os educadores do século XXI, utilizando conceitos valiosos de treinamentos que são: escuta ativa, mentalidade de crescimento, homologia de processos, comunicação assertiva e gestão do tempo.

The GEG Belo Horizonte de Minas Gerais periodically holds open and free meetings, in cooperation with other GEGs in Brazil, in an event called "ENCONTRO MARCADO" with the aim of disseminating the tools applied to the school context, inspiring educators to use digital technologies in the classroom. class and inviting other GEGs to work collaboratively.

Each GEG features a Google tool and explains how the teacher can apply it to their subject in the classroom.

In this event, June 15 to July 11 2022, the GEGs fromo São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Vinhedo, Belo Horizonte, Uberlândia, Santo Hipólito, Santa Maria do Herval, Santo Antônio da Patrol, Lavras da Mangabeiras, Counselor Lafaiete, Lagoa Vermelha, Porto Alegre Várzea da Palma all took part.

The tools studied were Google Forms, Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Jamboard, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google Classroom, Google Keep. In their presentations, the speakers also addressed topics currently discussed in Brazilian education, such as Active Methodologies, Competencies for the 21st Century Professional, Metaverse, Agile Methodologies, Google Chrome Extensions, Spatial Chat and the Khan Academy platform.

The strategy of the workshops was to promote the 4Cs - Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication for 21st century educators, using valuable training concepts that are: active listening, growth mindset, process homology, assertive communication and time management.

GCE L2 Bootcamp by GEGs of India
GEGs of India have been conducting EdTech sessions to empower fellow educators. With the growing requests from educators for preparation of GCE Level 2 Certification exam, the GEGs of India collaborated and organised a 3 day long bootcamp on June 24, 25 and 26 2022.

All sessions were delivered by the Leaders, Co-Leaders and Captains of various GEGs of India.

All the topics tested during the certification were covered in this bootcamp. The sessions were very interactive and engaging with plenty of takeaways. The questions and feedback from the participants were taken up by the trainers and presenters during the sessions.

The sessions conducted during the bootcamp can be accessed on GEG India Connect website

All the attendees were provided with an Attendance Certificate and relevant content to enable them to learn, practice and prepare for Level 2 Exam.

It was an enriching experience not only for the participants, but for the presenters as well, truly following the concept of - Learn, Share, Grow, Inspire!

GEG Leadership

Leading your GEGs

Spotlight on a GEG leader : Vrushali Sheth from GEG Mumbai

This month’s spotlight is all about Vrushali Sheth the leader of GEG Munbai. You can follow her on Twitter @sethvrushus.

What is your role in the GEG?

I am GEG Mumbai leader, with an amazing active team: Sushmita Mathur, Radhika Zahedi, Smriti Parikh, and Suparna Mukherjee.

As a leader, I coordinate and bring everyone together on one platform. I am super-lucky to say, my team is self-motivated and supremely organised and they remind me to organise stuff .

Twitter: @GEGMumbai



How did you initially get involved in your local GEG?
I am co-founder of an education organisation - OrangeSlates. We interact with a lot of educators, mentors, and there I came to know about Google Educator Groups. My friend Dr. Narjeet is also a GEG Leader and she motivated (actually pushed) me to take this up. Being in Mumbai, I thought why not! Lets do it!

What is your favourite thing about being a GEG leader?
It is a super interesting community of educators, working towards creating awareness about changing the way classroom changes and integrating technology. Whenever we share that we are part of a GEG, or GEG leader, the amount of respect is awesome, they look up to you!

What do you feel you have personally gained from your involvement?

Connections! I'm connected with super awesome, active, and awesomely knowledgeable people, who are always ready to support the educators fraternity

What have you learnt in the last month.

I learnt about tool Storybird, how to create pixel art using google sheet, how to create an escape room using google slides, and a lot more interesting stuff.

Tell me about an event that you have coming up that excites you

I am so excited for the ‘first birthday’ of our launch - August 15. There were a lot of things that we planned, but did not succeed to do last year, we plan to do this year. Looking forward to it.

Before you go, do you have any advice for anyone thinking of becoming a GEG leader?

Consistency is the key. Consistency in learning, consistency in creating content, takes you a long way. I am learning it. But trust me, it will help a lot.

What is your most memorable GEG moment online or in person?

In December 2021, GEG India had hosted GFE Level 2 Bootcamp and for day 1 GEG Mumbai was the host. Coordinating with 7 trainers, completing on time, the backstage conversations, the entire process of hosting the event, was crazy, super adrenaline rush to another level

GEG Learn

Individual professional development opportunities

Applications for Via22 Innovator academy is now open

Applications are open for #GoogleEI #VIA22 APAC (Asia- Pacific Region):

The Google for Education Certified Innovator Program recognises and supports top educators who are excited to grow professionally, advocate for impactful technology, and innovate to improve classrooms, schools and local communities.

Each Innovator “attends” an academy, this year, we are again offering the program online. The online Google Certified Innovator Academy runs for 8 weeks (18th October to 6th December). Each week there is a main program session for 2 hours (on Tuesday at 5:30pm AEST) and one hour session with a coach at a time TBD, delivered by a coach in the same Geographical Region as the Innovators.



Application Webinar

Back to School 2022 - Applied Digital Skills - Google
Kick off the school year with lessons that help students express themselves, build relationships, and stay organised while learning new technology skills.

GEG Slow Chat - Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Don't forget to join us for the third GEG Slow Chat.

Come and join the GEG Program to discuss "Universal Design for Learning" With questions written by a GEG member from GEG Osaka City

It's being hosted on Monday 5th September 2022 3.00pm JST/7am BST but if you are not able to participate at those times, as the name suggests it is a slow chat. Join in at ANY time after. All your contributions will be welcome.

If you would like to collaborate on a Slow Chat please complete this Form.

Save the date GEG Slow Chat September 5

If you want to schedule some responses if you can't make the date here are the questions:

Q1 How do you explain the importance of UDL to those who do not know what it is?

Q2 How does UDL impact student learning?

Q3 How do you model UDL with your teachers' own professional Learning?

Q4 What are some examples of using UDL in a lesson?

Q5 Where can someone learn more about UDL?

Google for Education UK and Ireland resources and Events

Check out the new UK & Ireland site, where you can find the best resources - including virtual lessons and in-person events - designed to support schools & educators get the most out of Google Workspace for Education & Chromebooks, no matter where you are on your edtech journey.

Tips, Tricks and Templates

Don't Stop at Making a Google Site - Buy Your Domain!

You've made your Google Site, so now completely "own" it with a Google Domain. Domains are often inexpensive and VERY easy to connect to your Google Site once you've purchased the domain. You can get your own '.com', '.net', etc quickly and cost-effectively. This gives your site a greater appeal of professionalism. Once you've created a memorable domain name go to and get started! See the site for an example.

Before building your website there are some basic tips you may want to keep in mind.

1. Determine your audience. Is the site for students or educators? Is it a website with resources? Is it a website that is topic-specific? (such as for a Science or History class, or SEL topics) This will help people to identify with your website, keep them coming back, and encourage them to share!

2. Plan your brand. You'll want to consider creating a simple logo, which can be done easily with a wide range of creativity tools.

3. Be structured and consistent. The more consistent your web design is, the more professional it will appear. You don't have to be a professional web designer to create an aesthetically pleasing website. Think about your layout. People don't like too many clicks and a messy interface. Think of your colour scheme. All of this should be easy to maintain - you don't want to spend hours on colours and design.

4. Look around the web for inspiration. See what is out there for ideas that will help you come up with your own creative design! For example, have a look at Site Builder Report ( for some excellent examples of highly professional websites made with New Google Sites.

5. Get feedback. Feedback is a gift, so get a 'thick skin' and accept constructive criticism. Then, act on what you agree with. Your website should reflect you and your sensitivities, but if you want to build an audience you'll have to keep audience appeal in mind.

6. Think before you go public. Have some content on your website ready for people to view. It's a good idea to have material ready that you can post over time and continue to update as you build your site. This takes time but will help to build your audience.

Good luck with building your website!

Nate Gildart - GEG Nagoya

Google Sites - Linking Sites, Portfolios & Page Navigation
With all of the work that we all do, especially using Google Tools, I have found that I have multiple Google Sites going at once. Rather than bookmark all of them or keep them open in different tabs, I decided to start housing all of the Sites under one Site like a gateway. By having all of the Sites your are working on link back to one site, you can let people from one group access some of the other great work you are doing! As an example, I am now linking sites from GEG New Jersey, the Taiwan-USA Google partnership, and my innovator project from VIA20 all back to my main site. This is also a great way to link your YouTube Channel and other things you are working on as well.

Additionally, Google Sites is a great resource for building portfolios for students, teachers, college applicants, etc. Using Google Sites as a gateway, is a great way to model all the the things that can go in a portfolio and keep them under one umbrella. Many people don't give themselves enough credit for what they do, and this is a great and efficient way of sharing.

Finally, a wonderful way to save time and be efficient is to take advantage of showing and hiding pages in navigation. For both my own school district and the Taiwan-US group, we provide Tech Tips on.a weekly/biweekly basis. There are so many great tips to share that you can get ahead on things by writing them up early and then showing them on a future date. This also works well for season items, such as when I share a tip about the NORAD Santa Tracker right before Christmas.

Hope this helps. Enjoy using Google Sites and enjoy your day!

Ted Samaras - GEG New Jersey

Kami and Google Classroom got even better!
Kami has released all-new super-quick tutorial videos. Here's one just for Google Classroom users:

And if you have not yet tried Kami's Grade by Page in Google Classroom, you're in for a treat!

Here's everything you need to know about Kami’s new Grade by Page feature and how it works with Google Classroom. Kami's Grade by Page allows teachers to view, feedback, and grade multiple students' turned-in work, all in one place. With this feature, you’ll be able to:

  • Feedback and grade using all Kami tools.

  • Feedback and grade multiple students’ work simultaneously.

  • Sync your feedback or grading annotations in real-time.

  • See page numbers of an assignment as you scroll down.

  • See your students' names at the top of their work.

Who can use Grade by Page?

This feature is available to users with a Teacher, School, or District Plan. It's currently available with Kami's integration with Google Classroom, with more integrations added soon.

As a Google Trainer/Innovator/Coach, Kami has a special Support Package to help you help your communities:

Nicole Rennie - GEG South Africa