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Issue No. 72 | Date: May 26, 2022

Local Success Stories from GEG

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GEG Events

Bring your community together to collaborate

The Anywhere School 2022

You are invited to our global product launch event: The Anywhere School 2022, which will kick-start Google for Education’s back to school efforts and focus heavily on showcasing key product announcements. For the third year in a row we are taking our back to school efforts online, which allows us a more global reach & potential for greater impact.

This 40+ minute pre-recorded event will stream to AMER + EMEA audiences on June 7th, and the ANZ on June 8th. We’ll spend the time going through 3 hero product launches, and 30+ new features - you won’t want to miss this!

If you have yet to register, please do so using this link: This shortlink is a UNIQUE link, created especially for our communities so we can really demonstrate how powerful our communities of educators are!

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GEG Sweden Community Meet Up at Google HQ Stockholm

What a super exciting day! GEG Sweden finally got together for a fantastic Google Community Meet Up at Google HQ in Stockholm April 26 2022. We have six Captains in GEG Sweden and we have been working together online during the pandemic but we had never met face to face before. With lots of wonderful people from all over Sweden, great sparks by GEG Captains, trainers and innovators, Swedish fika and interesting news from Google - it turned out to be just a wonderful evening. Isabel Gonzales Miranda and Emil Andersson were our hosts from Google Sweden and together with Andrew Caffrey from Canopy they made the night memorable. We really wanted to inspire teachers and give them a big thank you for all the fantastic work they have been doing. We hope that this Meet Up will give energy to everybody. It sure gave us Captains in GEG Sweden many new ideas and lots of inspiration. We will continue to do GEG Lärartips, GEG Goda Exempel and GEG Lärarfika. You can find everything on our Google Site and on our youtube channel

Please follow us on Twitter too @GEG_Sweden

GEG Gurgaon - Google Pe Charcha

In India, schools have started delivering lessons back in schools after 2 years of pandemic closure. Most schools have decided to use a blended model of teaching learning. Teachers started using Google apps during the pandemic and sometimes they got stuck due to lack of knowledge.

GEG Gurgaon initiated "Google Pe Charcha" to troubleshoot the problems and questions teachers, who are using Google apps, had. In the session, specific queries were answered with examples of using the Google apps creatively for accomplishing learning goals. Google Pe Charcha 1.0 was on Google Sheets. Teachers from different schools sent their questions via a Google form. GEG Gurgaon Leader Mr. Mukesh and Co Leaders Ms. Rashmi and Ms. Gurpreet organised the live online query session which was very well received by participants on Facebook and You tube. The idea behind initiating this model of interaction with teachers is to reach to every single teacher who is using a Google app. The interesting thing which came up during the discussion was that teachers also shared creative ideas of using a Google sheet as a pedagogical practice. It helped us in aggregating common queries, ways of trouble shooting and using the tool in a creative way.

GEG DelhiNCR hosts Jake Miller : Educational Duct Tape

On May 7, 2022 GEG DelhiNCR had the pleasure of hosting Mr Jake Miller (@JakeMillerTech), the #EduGIF Guy, Tech Integration Specialist, Google Certified Trainer, #EduDuctTape and The EdTech News Brief Podcast Host.

The Pandemic has brought along a lot of obstacles but there's no denying the fact that educators across the globe upped their skills by multiple times during this period. They worked hard to learn new tools to be able to provide the best output for their students. With a plethora of EdTech tools available in today's time, educators can fall into the trap of 'paradox of choice'- understanding what and when to use. This can often restrict them from integrating any of their skills effectively.

In this session, Jake shared how his funny metaphor - 'Educational Duct Tape' can help educators overcome this paradox. He shared lot of valuable tips and suggestions on how to choose the most appropriate technology and develop an EdTech integration mindset in their classrooms. With Mary Angelou quote "Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better" he inspired educators to make the right choice to make a difference.

Watch the session here:

Connect with GEG DelhiNCR on their various social channels with this link

GEG Spain - Volvemos 10x (ComeBack 10x)

On May 6-7 2022 GEG Spain hosted a hybrid event, where 270 teachers attended in person and 150 online. 40 teachers shared their experience and delivered workshops for other teachers in the region. The principal goal was: share teaching and learning experience and inspire change.

Over 60 hours of content was created by teachers for teachers and all the materials can be found in our resource library

We created an open space for reflection focused on pedagogical practice with the support of cloud based learning technologies. We mingled, interacted, shared a paella and a drink. We shared real experiences, successes but also failures and continued learning together. Families were catered for with GEG kids running activities for children between 6 and 12 years old. The sessions overflowed with fun, laughter, collaboration and boundless energy. There was so much to see and do that no one wanted it to end.

If you would like to see some of the sessions and global presentations, please follow the links.

  1. VOLVEMOS10X - Gonzalo Romero & Ismael Yuste Novedades y oportunidades de desarrollo profesional GfE

  2. #Volvemos10X - MIGUEL UJEDA - Profesionalismo colaborativo en entornos escolares de innovación

  3. #Volvemos10X Ana Moliné: DESMONTANDO FAKE NEWS

  4. #Volvemos10X María Nicolás "MATERIALES ACCESIBLES PARA EL AULA"

  5. #Volvemos10X María Barceló: DUA EN EL AULA

You are welcome to take a look at the website: or follow #Volvemos10x to see what attendees said about the event.

GEG Gurgaon - "My Google Story": Giving a Voice to Googly Educators

"My Google Story" webinars are an innovative initiative of the GEG Gurgaon team. The central idea is to promote creative pedagogical ideas via a story of a Googly educator.

The story aims to highlight themes such as:

1. The specific problem identified

2. What encouraged the teacher to look for a solution

3. The use of the specific Google tool/app

4. The challenges faced in the process and how they were overcome

6. The motivation to pursue creative and innovative pedagogies

Any tip for teachers to become a lifelong learner and initiatives taken to empower the education community will be an added attraction of the event. The first episode of the initiative moderated by Ms. Gurpreet Kaur, featured Ms. Priyanka Singh from the HDFC School Gurugram as the star educator who shared her Google journey.

The episode can be seen live on Youtube channel of GEG Gurgaon using the link

Ms. Priyanka shared how her school teachers used Google Apps during the pandemic to promote the 4Cs - Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication for the 21st century learners. The session ended with Ms. Priyanka sharing that the one word that describes her entire digital transformation journey is "Adaptability" and we all believe that is the key skill for all of us in these VUCA times.

GEG Leadership

Leading your GEGs

Spotlight on a GEG leader : GEG Scotland

This month’s spotlight is all about Carla Bell the leader of GEG Scotland

How did you get involved with Google Educator Groups
The Scottish GEG was created by Eilidh McKay and last year she was looking to hand the reins over to someone else. My name was put forward and I was thrilled to be given this opportunity. I’ve been passionate about EdTech for many years as a result of being both a teacher and a parent of a dyslexic child. I have seen the positive difference that purposeful use of technology in an educational setting can do and I am keen to share this with others in the profession. Google and the GEG Communities have always been there to support me and I am keen to help others in the same way.

What do you feel you have personally gained from your involvement?

Seriously corny, but I have gained some of the most amazing friends! These relationships go beyond work chat. I know that if ever there is a challenge I need help with, this team will help me out.

What is your most memorable GEG moment?

I was fortunate to be able to attend BETT in London this year and meet the other GEG UK, Cymru and Northern Ireland teams. I have known some of the UK team throughout the pandemic as we were in #VIA20 Innovator cohort together, but finally meeting them face to face was really special.

What is your favourite thing about being a GEG leader?

GEG is all about community. Being a part of this creative and transformative group is such a positive experience. Being able to chat and connect with so many like-minded educators and trainers helps you raise your own game and learn so much to benefit yourself and your learners.

Tell me something that you learnt in the last month.

We have just invested in a wood fired pizza oven and I have been learning how to make perfect pizzas! As a Home Economics teacher I thought I had a pretty good idea of pizza making before this, but it turns out to be a bit of a science. Many hours are being spent perfecting my dough recipe, and plenty of taste testing too!

What event that you have coming up excites you?

We are currently planning a big teach-meet event for GEG Scotland in partnership with other local and national organizations. Teachers have been missing in-person opportunities to network and share good practice during the pandemic, so these plans are generating a lot of excitement!

Why not register for the Google Reference schools visits here.

Before you go, do you have any advice for anyone thinking of becoming a GEG leader?

Don’t hesitate just go for it!

Why not follow @BellCarla1 or @GEGScotland and take a look at the GEG Scotland Social media Facebook

GEG Learn

Individual professional development opportunities

GEG On Air 50: How to engage students using gamification

André César Gomes (GEG Olinda) and PH (GEG Uberaba) gave us many great ideas on how to use gamification to engage students - and it can be used in our face to face classes! Watch it on

Explore Google Arts and Culture with Applied Digital Skills

Get inspired by Google Arts & Culture and learn new digital skills along the way

Use these lessons to learn how to make pixel art, craft an adventure story, create a crossword puzzle, and more all while exploring art and history.

Google Arts and Culture | Applied Digital Skills

Why study alone when you can study with inspiring educators?

Technology should not be just another tool, a nice website or a fun online game. Integrating technology in our classrooms can be transformative and it engages our students at another level. As teachers we continue to play the most important role facilitating opportunities for impactful technology integration in the teaching and learning processes. This is why more teachers want to become Google Certified Educators. The study modules in the teacher centre are completely free and don't have to study alone. Your GEG friends and colleagues are here to help and inspire you. For the third time, GEG Guate is facilitating a study group for teachers who want to get their certification. Our awesome leaders and captains prepare interactive sessions and assign tasks for teachers to apply in their daily practice.

During the sessions, there is room to clarify doubts and support teachers who are either behind or beyond. The most important ingredient in these study groups is motivation. We are there to remind you that you are closer to your goal and to help you gain confidence for your certification exam. Furthermore, there is a lot of energy and good vibes in our GEG that will definitely help you make it to the finish line. This not only becomes a personal goal to accomplish but also an opportunity to network and acquire best practices from educators you did not know before.