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Issue No. 68 | Date: June 28, 2021

Local Success Stories from GEG

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Online Security with Google Interland - Be Internet Awesome

One of the main functions of the school is to make the teaching / learning process fun, exploring critical thinking, creativity, imagination and freedom of expression so that students feel happy at school, more motivated and committed. Based on the “Seguro na Internet” project, an activity was carried out to promote safety and the knowledge of being online, netiquette, autonomy, creativity, responsibility, as well as the ability to respect team work from the perspective of openness to change, cultural diversity and the exercise of responsible active citizenship through problem solving using computational thinking.

The program Be Incredible on the Internet offers educators the tools and methodologies necessary to teach and work on the fundamentals of security and digital citizenship in the classroom or at home, in the family environment. The program's lesson plans address fundamental learning so that teachers and educators can use it and prepare students to act safely and learn to be responsible and successful citizens in the Internet world. The proposed activities cover gamification aspects, through the use of Interland, a game in an online environment full of adventure and emotion that makes learning about security and digital citizenship interactive and fun, such as Web browsing itself.

What do you do for the lesson? My little Youtube

There was the second official webinar entitled ‘What Do You Do for the Lesson: My Little Youtube’ at 7 P.M. on May 28th in 2021. It was broadcast on Youtube Live hosted by Hwang Hyejung, the Inspire Captain of GEG Gyeonggi.

In the first session, recent events and news are introduced to those who participated in the 2021 Reboot of GEG Gyeonggi and Leaders and Captains of GEG Gyeonggi shared their classroom cases applied on Google tools for 1 hour.

How come the webinar was held in the first place? Begun from the small gathering of GEG leaders and captains every Thursday, it developed into an hour-long introduction of various Edu-Tech technologies twice a month on Tuesday evening, and eventually expanded to share with all teachers of GEG.

Named ‘My Little Youtube' by Inchul and Yuri, the leader and the Inspire Captain of GEG Gyeonggi respectively, the goal of this meeting is literally to deliver one useful tool or skill in a short 30 minutes.

The first subject was the house design using floorplanner 3D presented by Juyoung Kim, the leader of GEG Gyeonggi. Questioning ‘what kind of place is home to you?,’ she showed an interesting tool to help design a space that can satisfy family members at home. Educators who participated online were surprised at student’s school projects and their presentations. It was awesome to deliver a lot of things with simple and clear instructions.

The next was ‘Design Google Slides using Miri Canvas’ by Mijung Ha, the Impower Captain. It is about how to design using the edit theme of Google slides. To do this, participants signed in the Miri Canvas in 5 seconds for free and learned fascinating tools that are easy to use. After designing the lesson slides for each subject with downloaded images, they studied how to use the master edit that is pretty useful for students who are not familiar with designing or those who forget the essential contents such as a title of the lesson or their own names. Premade templates could help them to stick with the lesson. In addition, she suggested several helpful tips that are very simple to apply.

Google Classroom - Create, Track and Grade Assignments

GEG Colombo held two online workshops in June. In session 1 the group of advanced practitioners were taught the information required to create, track and grade assignments using Google Classroom.The comprehensive session focused on easy navigation through Google classroom with creative and engaging methods to create assignments. Introduction to the site, Schoolytics was done with the aim of allowing educators to track student progress and maintain real-time data.

Review from participants;

‘I was fascinated by the summary given as a percentage of submitted assignments and graded assignments on schoolytics. It is very convenient to keep track of tasks completed as an educator. I believe that this will be a great tool in monitoring class work habits’

‘The session was informative as it gave us a better understanding of the use of Google classroom features with regard to creating and marking classroom work. We were also informed as to how the statistical data from Google Classroom in Schoolytics could help us keep track of students and make suitable recommendations when needed. The session was immensely useful as it catered to each of our needs.’

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@GEG_SriLanka | @binth_j

In session 2 administrators & heads of section focused on using Form-Mule to set up one or more email templates to send confirmation mails manually or automatically upon form submission. In addition they were given a quick glimpse into how to set up notification alerts on Google Forms and Sheets.

Review from a participant:

"We were introduced to the mail merge feature on Google Sheets through a clear step by step guide on how we could use the necessary tools to create a Google Form linking Spreadsheet responses to email through mail merge. We then created our own files putting in our new knowledge into practice immediately, while being supervised by our facilitator."

GEG Leadership

Leading your GEGs

Spotlight on a GEG leader : Rachelle Galang

This month’s spotlight is all about Rachelle Galang who is the leader of GEG Michigan.

What is your favourite thing about being a GEG leader? I enjoy building a community for Googley educators across the state to connect. I think supporting members on their journey towards Google certifications is impactful, too.

What is your most memorable GEG moment online or in person? The demo slam entries were fantastic! The GEG enjoyed watching the video entries and were engaged in the voting process. We all walked away with great tips and tricks from all of the participants who contributed to the slam.

What do you feel you have personally gained from your involvement?.

I have gained new connections and my own PLN has grown. It is nice to connect educators across the state in a way that can enhance teaching and learning with Google tools.

Tell me something that you learnt in the last month. We did a lunch and learn session on google chrome extensions and there were many that were new to me. It was a roundtable style event and we curated a list of extensions that our members use frequently.

What event that you have coming up excites you?

We have a lunch and learn session this summer on the topic of accessibility. Our GEG is young and it makes me happy to see it grow. Our lunch and learn sessions have been a nice way to connect and learn a variety of topics that educators can apply to their daily practices.

Before you go, do you have any advice for anyone thinking of becoming a GEG a leader?
It is a rewarding volunteer opportunity! I enjoy being able to organise a time and space for members to learn alongside their PLN and stay up to date on all things Google.

Why not follow @MissGalang and @geg_michigan to see how their GEG grows.

Next month's spotlight will be on Sameeha Jhan from GEG Columbo

GEG Events

Bring your community together to collaborate

GEG Summit - Brazil

GEG Brazil led a Summit for leaders in May 27-29. The full agenda, slides and recordings are available here. A diverse range of topics were presented, such as DEI - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and how to build innovative journeys (both of those from the Google perspective). GEG Leaders presented panels about accessibility, artificial intelligence, gamification, UX and much more.

GEG on Air #37, 38 and 39 Brazil

GEG Brazil have been busy supporting their members. Tale a look at their 3 latest webinars.

GEG On Air #37 - How to create Escape Rooms using Google Forms: in this webinar, Vanessa Bohn (Google Innovator) and Willian Kamada (GEG São Paulo Leader, Google Trainer and Google Innovator) shared how they use Escape Rooms in Literature and Physics Classes.

GEG On Air #38 - An adventure in My Maps: in this live, Luciene Santana (GEG Imperatriz Leader), Auderlânia Dias (GEG Lavras da Mangabeira Leader) and Eduardo Devai (GEG Ourinhos Leader) talked about how to use My Maps for Natural Science classes and interdisciplinary subjects.

GEG On Air #39 - Be Internet Awesome with Google Slides: in this webinar, PH (GEG Uberaba Leader, Google Coach and Google Trainer) shared his tips about Digital Citizenship by exploring Google Slides.

GEG Learn

Individual professional development opportunities

GEG APAC Weekend Live Returns!

Google Educator Groups from across the Asia-Pacific region have been busy preparing for the fourth edition of their staple online Live event 2 - 4 July 2021, being called "GEG APAC Weekend: Staying Connected 4.0".

Through this event, GEG Leaders, members, and educators from across the region share their expertise in multiple languages over a wide range of topics. While educational technology is a main feature, the event has included sessions that cover methodology, pedagogy, inclusion, well-being, women in STEM/STEAM, and much more!

A unique feature of this event is that many speakers challenge themselves by sharing their knowledge through a language that is not their most proficient. This modeling of risk-taking is applauded by our region's GEG Leaders. Another special feature is that our leaders encourage those without presentation experience to take advantage of the opportunity to present in a live broadcast environment. Beginning from our third event, GEG Leaders in the region resolved to provide a higher level of support and encouragement for those who wish to share their voice.

Join GEG Asia-Pacific as a speaker or participant! You can find details at our website.

Educator Level 1 and Level 2 Certification bootcamp

Sign up for the FREE Google Workspace for Educators Bootcamp: Here is the sign-up formtp:// . There have been over 1000 registrations so far.

Free online events in Catalan

The Spanish team hosted a series of webinars to help schools and educators get the most out of Google Workspace for Education, Chromebooks and security. You can check them out on demand here.