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Issue No. 66 | Date: April 28, 2021

Local Success Stories from GEG

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Keep Googling, keep smiling, keep safe.

Introducing the New GEG Portal

We have been busy working in the background to revamp the Google Educator Group Portal making it public for GEG members to see all the fantastic work going on around the world. An exciting feature is the new GEG Event Listings page where leaders have started to the add the events delivered by their GEG. You can filter the events listed to show those in your chosen language.

The site also gives guidance and advice to any member thinking of starting a local GEG of their own. These local GEGs will be even more important once the world starts to return to normal with more in-person events opening up. The GEG Mentors are introduced on a page detailing where in the world they work to support their GEGs. And last but not least the GEG Newsletters are now public and hosted on this Site too, allowing leaders to really showcase the variety of ways they support Educators in their countries.

NEW resources for GEG leaders

To compliment the new members public site we have also revamped the GEG Leaders Portal. As it's name suggests the portal is only available to be accessed by GEG Leaders and Mentors.

New to the Leaders Portal will be a series of resources to help new leaders develop areas of practice that they may need when new to the role. The first of these are the new Twitter Resources:

  • Twitter accounts for GEG leaders

  • How to run a Twitter chat

  • Scheduling Tweets

GEG leaders these resources can be found on this page.

GEG SUPERTABi Portugal - Time travel with Chromebook10

The function of school is to make the teaching / learning process fun, exploring critical thinking, creativity, imagination and freedom of expression so that students feel fulfilled at school, more motivated and committed. It helps promote autonomy, creativity, responsibility, team work, cultural diversity and citizenship through problem solving activities using computational thinking.

Learning to program promotes a broader set of skills, including teamwork, structuring and organising ideas, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, analytical thinking and attention to detail.

The transversality of code with the other areas of knowledge (such as Mathematics, Portuguese, the History Studies, Music and Plastic Arts) allow the development of various skills, solidifying content, objectives and strategies appropriate to the level of to the group / class.

These students learned to create, plan, solve problems, build something with a purpose, with the theme of "Portuguese Discoveries" in the field of History Studies. They were guaranteed the opportunity to develop their originality and creativity, create a rich narrative and develop creative writing by participating in the activities through the inclusion of programming in an educational context.

GEG Hispanoamerica leader Summit

GEG Hispanoamerica hosted their first 2021 summit with +65 leaders from 11 countries in Latin America in attendance. Their goal was to strengthen their Spanish speaking community and introduce their regional program to keep growing together.

Visit them at

Google Certified Educator Level 1 Course at IPG Kampus Ipoh Perak
GEG Gombak in Malaysia, recently conducted a 2 day training event to prepare their members for the Google Certified Educator Level 1 Course at IPG Kampus Ipoh Perak. Teachers had lots of fun with a Kahoot quiz to help them recall information and the feedback from teachers showed how much they found the session useful to support them while working towards the exams. We are looking forward to an update later in the year to see how many new Certified Educators this GEG inspired. Well done GEG Gombak

GEG NZ - Bay of Plenty Region Sparkshop 2021

Designed to "spark" inspiration in the practice of others, this is the third year that a small group of dedicated New Zealand teachers has come together to share tips and tools that teachers can use in their classrooms the next day.

Hosted at Tauranga Girls College after a busy day at school, the Sparkshop had five workshops with four presenters. Shout out to Steve Smith from Google for Education NZ who travelled down from Auckland just for this event.

GEG Leadership

Leading your GEGs

Spotlight on a GEG leader : Dr Vishal Varia

Each month we will be sharing a Spotlight on a GEG Leader or Captain. This month’s spotlight is all about Dr Vishal Varia, the Leader of @GEGAhmedabad, Gujarat, India. Let’s find out a little about who he is and why he is a GEG Leader.

How would you best describe GEG Ahmedabad?

At GEG Ahmedabad our community members inspire each other to learn more and constantly improve. We know that it is not only about learning new tech tools but also about how these tools are used well by a teacher in their class. The three words that best describe us are Learn, Inspire & Collaborate.

What is your role in the GEG leadership team?

I see my role is to lead the GEG so that community members get the maximum benefit. To do this I plan PD sessions, invite experts, share solutions in video format and also post reflections on social media. However, I don’t work alone, I do get valuable support from my community members which allows us to roll out a PD session every Saturday.

How did you initially get involved in your local GEG?

GEG Ahmedabad was launched on 4th of October 2020 so we are still relatively new. I am thankful to Reshma Honap, founder & Leader GEG Pune for recommending me. We worked together launching GEG Pune and just after a month we launched GEG Ahmedabad.

What do you feel you have personally gained from your involvement?.

I have learned so much, not only technical knowledge but also soft skills such as team work, dependability, adaptability and communication. I got the chance to interact with other GEG Leaders and continue to learn from them. I was able to observe how successful GEGs function and how best to position my GEG so the members benefit.

So what’s next?

As mentioned previously we have a PD session every Saturday and every such event is special to us and exciting. However, our bootcamps have been the centre of attraction.

We have already delivered two GCE Level 1 Bootcamps, in November 2020 and March 2021. They were so well received that members have already requested a Bootcamp for GCE Level 2 which we will be advertising very soon for a date in May 2021.

Where to find GEG Ahmedabad:

1. FB Page:

2. FB Group:

3. Google Groups:

4. WhatsApp Group:

5. YouTube Channel:

6. LinkedIn:

GEG Events

Bring your community together to collaborate

GEG Spain La FP que viene

This is an online meeting for for teachers of all levels of Vocational Training, using cloud technologies and Google.

With Vocational Training on the front pages, we want to value pedagogical strategies and innovative projects that are currently being developed.

This event, co-organized by the CPA Salduie FP center and GEG Spain, pursues two important objectives:

  • Serve as a platform for communication, interaction and learning for the community of Vocational Training teachers

  • Be a vehicle of inspiration for teachers interested in active methodologies, supported by technological tools, Google and others.

The event will begin and close with an inspirational presentation, offered by referents of Vocational Training.

In addition, will be a list of interesting 90-minute workshops in which we will have the opportunity to learn about different proposals in a practical and applicable way.

GEG Seoul Jumpstart

GEG Seoul is holding a Certification Jumpstart for all English and Korean Speaking members May 2, 2021 at 2pm.

Google Trainers T.S. Bray and Rob McElroy will present a webinar on how to prepare for the Level 1 GCE (Google Certified Educator) exam. GEG Seoul members will be given a link to apply for a free voucher to take the exam courtesy of Google Korea.

Sign up here

GEG Learn

Individual professional development opportunities

Google Training Programmes

When did you last look at all the free training programs offered by Google? There is such a wide range to help with personal growth, YouTube creation, teachers and non profit organisations.

The YouTube Creator Academy, for example, is a great place to help you learn to improve video content for your GEG or for your learners and to find out about the rules for videos on YouTube.

The #iamremarkable course also has ideas for self promotion which is relevant for leaders, members and students to understand why self promotion is so valuable and how to feel comfortable doing it.