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Issue No. 53 | Date: September 11, 2020

Local Success Stories from GEG

Well we made it through the summer and are all now settling back into a new routine maybe fully online, hybrid delivery or face to face. Through lockdowns we have seen GEGS grow, collaborate, support thousands of members and encourage new members to join them. We have also seen webinars, new launches, live panels and twitter chats all appearing on GEG Twitter feeds. What a fantastic achievement, well done for all your hard work. This is all amazing work, so when you have a few minutes, please write up a very brief article celebrating any event you are particularly proud of and add a screenshot or photo along with 200 - 330 words to this form. GEG leaders, if you are supporting new GEGs to launch please ensure they know about this form . We can then all celebrate your successes together in the newsletter.

Welcome to the new GEGs

These new GEGs would welcome some followers so please help them out where you can:

@GegArmenia - Colombia

Launching Sept 5

@GegUdonthani - Thailand

@GegUdonthani - Thailand are working hard getting their Twitter account, Google Group, FaceBook page and Site created. Please help them to get more followers if you can.

September Google Trainers of the Month

Jose Santander Figueredo

GEG Bolivia

September’s Google Trainer of the Month is Jose Santander Figueredo from GEG Bolivia.

“Jose has done an amazing job in helping organize Bolivian GEGs to train about 100,000 teachers by the Education Ministry!”

Virginia Bond

GEG Global

“Virginia has been training educators how to use Ed Tech for 20+ years. That time has not reduced her energy or passion. She is dedicated to keeping up with changes in the Ed tech landscape and her training sessions are always in touch with what educators need. Her sessions are hands-on and she provides a variety of ways to integrate the highlighted tech tool, often using it in her actual session. I am not a morning person, but Virginia is one person I will set my alarm and get up early for if she’s doing a session.”

GEG Events

Bring your community together to collaborate

Introducing Clube GEG (GEG Club)

GEG On Air #24

This year, GEG Brazil launched Clube GEG. This is a local initiative, for all educators, with different levels of fluency with Google tools and Active Methodologies. It consists of informal meetings to share pedagogical practices, focused on the real and practical use of digital tools according to the meeting subject. On August 18, Meghan Virginia (GEG Salvador) and Rejane Cassiano (GEG Contagem) shared their experiences and suggestions for Google Slides! Thanks to everyone who joined this informal and welcoming way of learning together!

The 24th GEG On Air presented how to create learning trails that can engage and spark students’ curiosity while they are learning. Roberta Taffarello (GEG Vinhedo Leader and Google Certified Educator), Ana Laura Queiroz (GEG Joinville Leader and Google Trainer) and Rejane Cassiano (GEG Contagem Leader and Google Certified Educator) shared their experiences and fantastic suggestions: a space expedition on Google Earth with creative learning, Shopping experience to learn Math, collaborative exercises using Hyperdocs, Interactive trails with multiple endings, and much more! You can watch it on demand here and access the full list of content here (kindly organized by Auderlânia Dias from GEG Lavras da Mangabeira, Gisele Mendes from GEG Jacareí and Caroline Furini from GEG Passo Fundo).

GEG Learn

Individual professional development opportunities

Using Google Meet Effectively

GEG Alaska is delivering a series of webinars on using Google Meet from August 25 - September 15. This looks like a useful series for all GEG members to watch and covers everything from starting a meet to using extensions to enhance a Meet.

Catch up or sign up here

GEG Ontario

On Aug 26 GEG Ontario had a live panel discussion for their members on supporting Ontario students on their return to school.

You can watch the webinar here

GEG Amman August updates

As part of their back to school support, GEG Amman celebrated the Google Updates in this webinar in Arabic and English.

GEG Armenia Teacher Tricks playlist

GEG Armenia is creating a playlist of useful videos for your Spanish speaking members.