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Issue No. 51 | Date: August 7, 2020

Local Success Stories from GEG

Google’s The Anywhere School 2020 and the Pre and Post Event Parties

Just a reminder that Google's Back to School event The Anywhere School 2020 begins on August 11 and we are so excited!

To make it easier and more fun for you to connect with other educators who will also be tuning in, the leaders in the Global GEG group have created a global Twitter Chat for every session. Here is the summary doc but please also see the full details below!

Look out for Google for Education's Twitter about GEGs and retweet / share with your members!!

Global GEG's Twitter Chat details:

The Anywhere School 2020 Back to School Event begins August 11 and continues through August 12. This is a world wide event, please share it with your local communities.

There are many ways to participate and stay connected:

1. Plan or participate in a Pre Watch Party for your local GEG and help connect with your local community.

2. Participate in the Anywhere School 2020 Back To School Twitter Chat put on by GlobalGEG during the event.

3. Connect with your local GEG for an After Watch Party to discuss the biggest takeaways.

4. Share your pictures in this global album (!

During the Anywhere School 2020 Back To School Global GEG twitter chat, participants will reply and use the following hashtags #GoogleEDU #GlobalGEG + #YourLocalGEG. This will allow your local GEG to connect with more people in your region and expand on the conversation. The questions are here for you if it helps you plan or think about them for your Pre Watch Party or After Watch Party Events. This document also has ideas for planning a Pre Watch Party and/or Post Watch Party.

GEG On Air #21

Click to watch

July 21, GEG On Air led by GEG Brazil, presented great options of free and ready-to-use content for educators from elementary to high school. Nat de Nadai (GEG Campinas Leader and Google Innovator), Ivys Urquiza (Google Innovator and YouTube Edu Ambassador), Mariana Ochs (Google Innovator) and Karla Priscilla (GEG São Paulo Leader and Google Innovator) shared tips of high quality content available for educators in Portuguese:

All tips and links are registered here:

Special thanks for the GEG Leaders and Innovators that joined and supported us!

Korean version of the Google Infused Classroom

Jungeun Judy Kim (Google Certified Trainer & Innovator #SEA19) leader of GEG Gyeonggi has been super busy this month on a book tour around Korea following the publication of her new book “The Google Infused Classroom”. It’s exciting to see the book out in three major internet bookstores in Korea and has ranked #31 bestseller in IT & Tech resource field! Congratulations Judy.

Find the book on sale here:

Image credit: Jungeun Judy Kim

GEG Events

Bring your community together to collaborate

So many new GEG launches and many now using Twitter as a platform. This is really taking off now from when we tried to encourage GEGs to move across last year. Some GEGs are still in their early days and would benefit from some followers so please support each other by giving a follow and share their posts. We will add a few each newsletter.

GEG South Florida - Blended Learning

GEG SoCal - Collaboration Mini Series

GEG South Florida and Tanya Avrith on July 31 from 1-2pm EST held the “Blended learning strategies in a Google Infused Classroom” training. The session is designed to help teachers with tips, tricks, and strategies for the upcoming school year. This looks like an important one to get out to your members so they are ready.

Watch the recorded video here:

Teaching Online Feedback

GEG SoCal Presents their first ever mini-series on Collaboration! The four 30 minute sessions are co-hosted by Karen Lagola @kklagola & Becky Colling @TechWithBecky from 7:00-7:30 PM PDT on August 3, 10, 17, and 24!

Meet Link:

How to Engage Students in STEM Virtually and in The Classroom

GEG Colorado and GEG Texas recently held a webinar on how to engage students in STEM virtually and in the classroom. Check out the recording here:

The (Google) Suite Life with Schoology

Join Tiffany LoSasso, a Digital Teacher Librarian, Google Certified Trainer, & Schoology Ambassador, to explore how Schoology & Google Suite work together to help students & teachers!

Watch the recording here:

Gamifying with Google for Education

The 22nd GEG On Air was broadcasted on July 29 with the theme gamifying with Google for Education. The GEG Leaders Alice Turibio (GEG São José dos Campos), Auderlânia Dias (GEG Lavras de Mangabeira), Vânia Flores (GEG Varginha) and Sue Cons (GEG Caxias do Sul) explained what gamification is and shared amazing examples of ready to use activities using Google Sheets, Drawings, Forms, Slides and many other tips and strategies you can use to engage and excite your students even more. You can watch it here or access the full list of previous recordings.

André Gomes (GEG Olinda), Gisele Aquino Mendes (GEG Jacareí), Adriana Chagas (GEG Natal), Rejane Meneses (GEG Contagem) and Thiago Nunes (GEG Feira Nova) kindly consolidated and main info and links in this shared document.

GEG Learn

Individual professional development opportunities

Comparing free plans on screen recorders

As some of the free upgrades are being removed in the first term of 2020/21, here’s a timely comparison of the features of three screen recorders and how they might be used.

GEG UK - Nice and Slow sessions

During the summer break Daren White, Ben Moore and Wendy Peskett from GEG UK will continue to deliver their nice and slow sessions to get people started with Google tools. Please let your members know that all are welcome to join.

Sessions are on Wednesdays at 4.30pm BST with the following programme:

Become a travel photographer without ever leaving home or using a camera

See how one artist uses Street View in Google Maps and Google Earth to capture the world around her. Then have your students try it out on their own:

GEG Louisiana Webinars

This GEG has been very busy building a bank of webinars for their members. Please take a look at their past collection and check out regularly to see the future sessions on offer.