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Issue No. 50 | Date: July 7, 2020

Local Success Stories from GEG

Welcome to the GEG Newsletter #50! In the newsletter this issue you will find articles about from GEG Kathmandu, details on digital transformation in Bolivia and much more! Read on...

GEG Kathmandu Training Sessions for Educators

COVID lockdown is still in place for educational institutions in Nepal and leaders of GEG Kathmandu Sagun Dhungana (Google Certified Educator) and Sushil Upreti (Google Certified Trainer/innovator) have been making sure schools are leading with technology. In three months, GEG Kathmandu was able to accommodate and train 5200+ Educators from around Nepal. The model is 10 hours of customized training and certification on apps including Google Geo Tools.

GEG Kathmandu conducted training with distinguished guests from different Government municipalities and hundreds of school participants.

Aasif Iqbaal Ovee (Google Certified Trainer & Innovator #SEA19) from Bangladesh, shared his skills with educators on a program on 15th June 2020 demonstrating whiteboard tools used for synchronous teaching.

Similarly, on the 26/27th June 2020, yet another landmark event was conducted by trainers from GEG Kathmandu and GEG Gyeonggi. Delivering 4 hours of training to more than 1000 participants (using FB Live and 550 in ZOOM ) on Google Geo Tools. Sagun Dhungana and Sushil Upreti (Google Certified Trainer & Innovator #SEA19) co-leaders of GEG Kathmandu, and Jungeun Judy Kim (Google Certified Trainer & Innovator #SEA19) leader of GEG Gyeonggi were the trainers during the session.

The program was co-organized by SOSON (Social studies and research society Nepal). This program was marked as the hugest training session by GEG Kathmandu during the lockdown.

Digital Transformation in Bolivian Education

Thanks to Google for education, students and teachers from the Adventist University of Bolivia can continue to teach and learn the subjects that were carried out face to face virtually.

As we all know it was a challenge to adapt our lessons to the digital environment, but thanks to Google Classroom, all the elements were integrated in one place with digital tools such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, Forms, Meet, Youtube, Gmail, Calendar and many more tools from the Google Suite toolbox. Now we feel that despite the distance, we are back together with the teaching & learning processes.

GEG On Air #20

GEG Brazil led the 20th GEG On Air on July 1st to discuss how to transform learning experiences from offline to digital with Google for Education. Paulo Henrique (GEG Uberaba Leader) and Raphael Mota (GEG Duque de Caxias) shared amazing and creative ideas of board games, timelines and many other engaging activities using Meet, slides, Jamboard, Gmail, Keep and Calendar. All content is available on Special thanks to GEG Leaders that helped this GEG On Air: André Gomes (GEG Olinda), Auderlânia (GEG Lavras de Mangabeira) and Gisele Aquino Mendes (GEG Jacareí).

GEG Events

Bring your community together to collaborate

Summer Saturdays: Back-2-Basics

What’s your favourite educational YouTube channel?

GEG Amman presents a 6-week G Suite for Education fundamentals series to support beginning Googlers with G Suite's core fundamentals. A 30min YouTube training session will be provided live in both English and in Arabic, every Saturday between July 4th - August 8th.

English sessions will be aired at 15h00 GMT+3, and Arabic sessions will be aired at 16h00 GMT+3, on our YouTube Channel -> All are also welcome to join the Sunday Office Hours following each Saturday event, to practice skills and/or get any questions answered, just follow @AmmanGEG on Twitter for weekly reminder updates.

Have you missed the first episode? Catch the replay on our Summer Saturdays: Back-2-Basics playlist ->, and see you next Saturday!

YouTube has been described as "the most important educational tool of our time!"

The Central Queensland GEG is holding an online meetup on 6th August 2020 on the topic: Share your Top YouTube Influencer. GEG members and participants in the call will be invited to talk about the YouTube channels they subscribe to and share their favourite channels and influencers. If you'd like to join the call, or even share a bit about your favourite channel for a couple of minutes, use the form below to register.

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GEG Learn

Individual professional development opportunities

Applied Digital Skills US Website

The US site has added 30 + new lessons to their video-based lessons library. One, in particular, is called “Stay connected over summer break”. So it’s an ideal time to take a look at what it offers for both using with your students or learning some new ideas for your own continued professional development.