Events Overview

What is a GEG event? 

The following describes the characteristics of a GEG event:

The rest is open - whether it's online or offline, happening at the same time or over a time (such as discussion forums), whether it's short or long, etc. 

Bespoke Events

There is no set event for GEGs to run. Anything that engages the community in learning and teaching with technology is great. From organising a coffee with members at a conference to booking out space to get hands-on with tools or even design thinking sprints, any event that fits your needs works.

Don't forget to report any events you run in the Edu Activity App.

What format does a GEG event follow? 

As mentioned above, a GEG event can take any format, but the majority of GEG events follow these two most common formats:

2. Online activities

GEG Events use Interactions and Sharing

GEG is a community that strives to have people learn from each other. Everyone at the event can learn from not only a speaker or presenter at the event, but also from other attendees. Usually the interactions among visitors and attendees are what brings a great value to people visiting your events. They also form relationships among each other which helps them not just come back to your event to meet the friendly people again, but also for them to possibly do projects and work together, which can be one of the greatest effects of your work.

The sharing and interactions can take several forms:

Also, facilitate and encourage an open discussion to find out what attendees are looking to get out of and contribute to the GEG. This will be a great inspiration for you to find new topics for your agenda in the future but also to create stronger ties between your community members itself.