Education Awards in Delhi

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Education Awards in Delhi

Education Awards in Delhi are the most authoritative Education Awards in India instituted by Brands Impact to recognise the contributions of Educational Institutions in India including Schools, Colleges & Institutes towards strengthening the nation's Educational Infrastructure.

Education Awards in Delhi 2020 may be bestowed upon India's Top Universities, Colleges, Institutes, Coaching Classes, Education Professionals who have made a real difference in the Education sector in India.

To Nominate your Your Institution for Education Awards in Delhi, please call +91.9599506639

EDUCATION Awards Categories

Category - A (Pre-schools)

1. India's Best Playschool Chain

2. Stand-alone Pre-school of the Year

3. Best Infrastructure in Early Education

4. Innovation in Early Learning / Child Development

5. Best Playschool in City/State/Zone

Category - B (Senior Secondary Schools)

1. India's Best Chain of Senior Secondary Schools

2. India's Best Stand-alone Senior Secondary School

3. Best International School of the Year (National/Regional)

4. India's Best Boarding School

5. Best Infrastructure amongst Senior Secondary Schools (National/Regional)

6. Best Faculty amongst Senior Secondary Schools (National/Regional)

7. Best Emerging School of the Year (National/Regional)

8. Principal of the Year

Category - C (Higher Education)

1. India's Best Private University (North)

2. India's Best Private University (South)

3. India's Best Private University (East)

4. India's Best Private University (West)

5. India's Best Private Engineering College

6. India's Best Emerging Private Engineering College

7. Best Infrastructure amongst Private Engineering Colleges (National/Regional)

8. Best Faculty amongst Private Engineering Colleges (National/Regional)

9. Excellence in Industrial Interface (Engineering Colleges)

10. India's Best Business School

11. India's Best Emerging Business School

12. Best Infrastructure amongst Business Schools (National/Regional)

13. Best Faculty amongst Business Schools (National/Regional)

14. Excellence in Industrial Interface (Business Schools)

15. Best Medical College (National/Regional)

16. Best Agricultural College (National/Regional)

17. Best Pharmacy College (National/Regional)

18. Best Polytecnic (National/Regional)

19. Excellence in Distance Learning Education

20. Best B.Ed College (National/Regional)

Category - D (Specialized Courses)

1. Best Vocational Training Institute (National/Regional)

2. Best Clinical Research Institute (National/Regional)

3. Best Teacher's Training Instite (National/Regional)

4. Best Retail Management Institute (National/Regional)

5. Best Banking Institute (National/Regional)

6. Best Aviation Training Institute (National/Regional)

7. Best Hotel Management Institute (National/Regional)

8. Best Interior Designing Institute (National/Regional)

9. Best Fashion Designing Institute (National/Regional)

10. Best Beauty Training Institute (National/Regional)

11. Best Animation & Multimedia Training Institute (National/Regional)

12. Excellence in Foreign Trade Education

13. Best IT Training Institute (Hardware & Networking)

14. Best IT Training Institute (Software & Web Designing)

15. Best Jewellery Designing Institute (National/Regional)

16. Best Textile Designing Institute (National/Regional)

17. Best Biotechnology Institute (National/Regional)

18. Best Journalism & Mass Communication Institute (National/Regional)

19. Best Institute for Financial Education (National/Regional)

20. Best Security Training Institute (National/Regional)

21. Best Language Training Institute (National/Regional)

22. Best Online Education Platform/Program

Category - E (Coaching Institutes)

1. Best Coaching Institute of the Year (National/Regional)

2. Best Engineering Entrance Coaching (National/Regional)

3. Best Medical Entrance Coaching (National/Regional)

4. Best Post Graduate Medical Entrerance Coaching (National/Regional)

5. Best Civil Services Coaching (National/Regional)

6. Best Bank/PO Entrance Coacing (National/Regional)

7. Best Coaching Classes for Competitive Exams Entrance (National/Regional)

8. Best Management Entrance Coaching (National/Regional)

9. Best Personality Development/Groomimg Classes (National/Regional)

10. Best Acting/ Drama Institute (National/Regional)

11. Best Dance Institute (National/Regional)

12. Best Music Instruments Training Institute (National/Regional)

13. Best Sports Coaching (National/Regional)

14. Best Adventure Training Institute (National/Regional)

15. Best Training Program for Corporates (National/Regional)

16. Best Yoga Coaching Centre (National/Regional)

17. Best Tutorial Classes for Higher & Senior Secondary Grades (National/Regional)

18. Best Photography Classes

19. Best Cooking Classes

20. Best Online Tutoring (National/Regional)

21. Excellence in Education through Supplementary Training Programs (National/Regional)

Category - F (Miscellaneous)

1. Best Education Consultants (National/Regional)

2. Best Overseas Education Consultants (National/Regional)

3. Best Educational Equipments Manufacturers (National/Regional)

4. Best Education Technology Company of the Year

5. Best Teachers/Researchers

6. Best Education Portal

The winners of Education Awards in Delhi are selected by a jury comprised of high-profile Education experts as per the various Education Awards Categories and Scope and Assessment of the applications filed by various nominees.

The Education Award applications will be assessed by the Jury and Management of Brands Impact on various parameters including but not limited to Feedback by students through feedback forms and emails, Voting by public at large, Feedback by Industry Peers and Professionals collected through Personal & Telephonic Interviews and Digital Media Interactions, Merits of the claims of Fair Business Practices, CSR activities, Eco-friendly developments, Innovations, Benefits to the Society and Contribution to the economic growth of the country.

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