I was born in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. Mami of three awesome kids; Andrea, Patryk and Lily. Married to a Peruvian, stubborn, handsome man. In love with my crazy family.

I graduated from the University of Barcelona in 1998. I obtained my Masters Degree in Teaching Spanish from Rutgers University in 2005. When I was 21, right after college, I came to the US to work as an au-pair. I was extremely lucky and got to spend a great year with an amazing family. They are and will always be my American family. I started teaching in the US right after my au-pair year. I taught Spanish at the elementary level for five years. In 2006, I started teaching in high school. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would like teaching teenagers as much as I do! I have been teaching HS in the same school for thirteen years. I currently teach Spanish II Conversational, Spanish IV and Spanish V.

I love creating resources for the classroom. Passionate about languages and cultures. I speak Spanish, Catalan and English. I hope to learn Italian one day. And French. One day.

I have a very creative mind, with very little free time to create. I love crafting, and I recently began creating gifts for teachers, specially Spanish teachers. Proud to say this his home of the Frida Tote. Thank you for allowing me to share my creations with you. Many new gift ideas coming soon.

I love the beach, dancing (salsa!), travelling, coffee, shoes, laughing, going on hikes, concerts, Summer and tapas.

I don't like intolerance, self-centered people, temperatures below freezing point (not a big fan of Winters in NJ), Uggs.

I hate racism, war, the fact that lock-down drills have become a norm in our schools, cockroaches.

I terribly miss my family from Spain (thank goodness for internet!), especially my sister.

I'll come back here another day and add a few more things, but for now this is good... :)

Thank you for stopping by!