Google Apps Videos

Google Apps



Google Calendar

  • Create a Classroom Calendar Separate from Your Personal Calendar
  • Create an Event in a Calendar
  • Share a Calendar
  • Set Customized Reminder Notifications for Events
  • Attach a Shared Google Doc to a Calendar Event
  • Using Calendar to check availability and schedule meetings
  • Using Calendar to send invites
  • Use Resource Calendars to reserve items

Google Tasks

  • Manage to do lists in Google Tasks
  • Integrate Google Tasks with Google Calendar
  • Create Google Tasks
  • Create Google Tasks from a Gmail message
  • Add due dates and notes to Google Tasks

Google Keep

  • Manage to do lists in Google Keep
  • Add media and share notes in Google Keep
  • Create and Manage Notes in Google Keep

Google Drive

  • Creating files
  • Accessing files
  • Organizing files
  • Working with Office files and other non-Google files
  • Uploading Files
  • Converting Files
  • Sharing Files
  • Sharing non-Google files
  • Creating and Managing Folders in Google Drive
  • Share a Resource Folder in Drive

Google Documents

  • Create a Google Document
  • Share a Google Document
  • How to collaborate using Google Docs
  • Provide Feedback with Comments and Suggested Edits in Docs
  • Direct Comments to specific users
  • Add links to comments
  • Access and Review Revision History in Google Docs
  • Review Comments in Google Docs for Contributions
  • Revert to Earlier Versions of Google Docs
  • Citation tools to avoid plagiarism including footnotes

Google Sheets

  • Create a Google Sheet
  • Spreadsheet Vocabulary
  • Formatting cells
  • Using Formula and Functions including Sum, Average, Unique, Count, If
  • Sorting Numbers, Text, or Dates
  • Organize Data Collected in a Google Sheet
  • Analyze the Data in a Google Sheet with Charts and Graphs
  • Trendlines
  • Copy and paste a Chart to Docs or Slides
  • Publish Results from a Google Sheet
  • Share Sheets with others
  • Protecting sheets and ranges
  • Add Linked Charts in Google Slides

Google Slides

  • Create Google Slides
  • Insert and Arrange Text, Shapes, Lines, and Word Art
  • Create Linked Text
  • Change background color of Slides
  • Embed a Video in Google Slides
  • Add comments to Google Slides
  • Share Slides

Google Forms

  • Create a Google Form
  • Add/Edit different Question types in Google Forms
  • Choose a Response Destination
  • Edit Form settings
  • Email Google Form to users
  • View Responses
  • Using Google Forms for Feedback
  • Grading with Google Forms
  • Using Google Forms to Collect Data
  • Embed Video in Google Forms

Google Classroom

  • Set up Your Classroom Classes
  • Add Students to Your Classroom Roster Using a Class Code
  • Invite Students to your Classroom
  • Create Your Classroom Roster with Groups and Contacts
  • Communicating in the Classroom stream
  • Create an Assignment in Classroom
  • Set a due date for Classroom Assignments
  • Add Links, Videos, and Files to Classroom Assignments
  • Add Drive Files to Classroom Assignments
  • Viewing Assignments
  • View Classroom docs before turn in
  • Use Classroom app on tablets
  • Turning in non-Google files
  • Making a copy for each student
  • Marking complete when nothing is to be turned in
  • Grading Google Classroom Assignments
  • Private messages in Classroom
  • Notifications in Classroom

Google Groups

  • How Google Groups can be used in your classroom
  • Create a Google Group
  • Establish General Group information
  • Set Basic Group Permissions
  • Select Group Type
  • Add or Invite Members to a Group
  • Share information with your entire Group by sending one email


  • Using Hangouts Instant Messaging
  • Archive a Hangout
  • Hangouts Notifications
  • Manage/Delete Your Hangouts History
  • Create and Name Group Hangouts
  • Blocking Inappropriate Users
  • Start a Video Hangout from your computer
  • Start a Video Hangout from Your Android or iOS Device, including dial in
  • How to invite others to a Video Hangout
  • Get People into the Hangout with Links and Calendar
  • Share Your Screen with Others during a Hangout
  • Managing Your Bandwidth in a Video Hangout
  • Using Google Hangouts for Online Meetings

Google Sites

  • Create a Google Site
  • Create Pages within a Site
  • Add Text and Images to Your Site
  • Insert/Embed Docs and Calendars on Your Site
  • Control Access and Grant Permissions to Your Site

Google Chrome

  • Sign in to Chrome for syncing
  • Creating, Managing, Searching, and Editing Bookmarks
  • Keeping information private with incognito
  • Using the Chrome Web Store
  • Installing Apps from the Chrome Web Store
  • Installing Extensions from the Chrome Web Store

Google Search

  • How to Search on Google
  • Use the Omnibox for instant searches
  • The essential digital literacy skill of searching online
  • Simple steps to evaluate sources
  • Utilizing Filters and Modifiers in Search
  • Digital footprint - Google search and image search your name


  • YouTube Channels
  • YouTube Playlists
  • Filter Your Search, by playlist, channel, duration, etc
  • Save or Bookmark a Video, watch later option
  • Share videos with others
  • Browse YouTube EDU
  • Subscribe to Channels
  • Access Playlists and Subscriptions in the Guide
  • Create a Playlist
  • Edit and Organize a Playlist
  • Save Another User’s Playlist
  • Share Playlists with Students, through email, link, Blogger
  • Safety Mode
  • Subtitles and Closed Captioning
  • View Modes, full screen, in Slides
  • Dealing With Low Bandwidth, change resolution, preload


  • How to Use Google+
  • Joining Google+

Google Help

  • Using Google Search to Find Answers
  • Using the Google Help Center to Find Answers
  • Using the Google for Education Help Forums to Find Answers
  • Join your local Google Educator Group (GEG)
  • Using a Professional Learning Network (PLN)
  • Google for Education Certified Trainers
  • Google for Education Certified Innovators
  • Reference Schools
  • Google for Education Partners
  • Search the Google Education Directory