Edtech Edcamp Smackdown

The Technology Services Department of the Los Angeles County Office of Education is sponsoring an Edtech Edcamp Smackdown, a fast-paced opportunity for sharing and networking. Participants volunteer to share a tech tool, teaching tip, lesson plan, or anything else they’d like to share with the group about dynamic teaching and learning with technology.

Come prepared to give a quick 1-2-minute pitch, and to share any pertinent information (URL’s, titles, etc.) Your contribution will be added to a shared document that you can reference later. Whether newbie or accomplished digital educator, you will leave with a ton of information and great tips.

EdCamps are "unconferences" specifically designed for educators. Edcamps are not conferences! Organizers set the schedule for the day but all sessions are determined by participants on the day of the event. Everyone is welcome to propose and lead a session where conversation and collaboration are paramount. The day is completely participant-driven.

You can choose to participate or listen, it's up to you. As the saying goes, the more you put in, the more you take out. If a session is not meeting your needs, then vote with your feet. You can leave the session and try another one. No hurt feelings :-)

To learn more general information about Edcamps, visit www.edcamp.org