Ed Selbach

Alternative photographer

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Warning: this site contains images depicting full nudity in the 'nudity' and 'explicit nudity' sections.

Nature is beautiful. Nature is so beautiful. Nature is abundant. Nature is everything.

Nature is you, me, the universe.

Humanity is diverse. Humanity is inspiring. Humanity encompasses unlimited possibilities.

These are big subjects, and photography is ideally equipped to address them. Photographers should not therefore let themselves get lost in a morass of technicalities concerning the image. Clearly a certain amount of technical competence is necessary, but this should not be taken so far as to obliterate the importance of the subject. Furthermore, rigid standards of photographic excellence are destructive of real value, as destructive as lack of empathy. The pursuit of technical perfection is a fundamentally sterile pursuit.

The power of photography lies rather in the immediate communication of the selected instant. Every aspect of the photograph you work on afterwards detracts from this power. The more you work on it, the weaker it gets, until you obliterate the power and meaning of your image in your search for the perfect shot, the perfect face, the perfect body. It does not exist. Thank God. So, liberate yourself from the tyranny of this puerile aesthetic everywhere seen in magazines and in professional photography.

Walking the streets, it's almost impossible to seize real significance, though it is all around us, in the everyday. The juxtaposition of chance objects, static and moving, ephemeral and permanent gives an inexhaustible subject matter to feed the eye and heart, to act as a starting point for the exploration of history, society and culture. The interpenetration of nature and humanity is everywhere.

The same patterns are exhibited everywhere in inexhaustible variety. No two trees are the same. No two moments in time are the same. The world has moved on. The photograph records a moment, the present which is now past, pregnant with a future which is about to unfold. We look at it (the photograph) from another present, and bring to it our ideas of context, situation, motive, history.

Inexplicable moments mixing dream and reality, social history and imagination, rhyme and reason, hope and despair, in fact, any pair of reasons you want, contradictory, confusing, distracting, humorous, sober, discreet, controlled, uncontrolled, perturbed, concerning. Whatever you want. Retrieve it here. The glorious dustbin of history.