singer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer

Almost all my life I've been creating and performing music. My mother says I was kicking in rhythm even in the womb. As a child I was constantly exposed to music, hearing mama sing as she cooked our dinners, going to my dad's barbershop concerts and listening to my big brother's records. I joined the drum section of the school band in sixth grade. I was given a hand-me-down guitar for my thirteenth birthday and taught myself to play. Eventually I started writing my own songs. Long as I can remember I’ve been strumming, picking, banging and singing, trying to put sounds into the air that weren’t there before.

Along the road I've been blessed to work with an amazing bunch of artists and musicians. I’ve been in a few pretty good bands, recorded some albums and played countless shows in bars, music venues and festivals. I’ve shared stages with some of my musical heroes and recorded in a couple of legendary studios. I play songs I’ve written, songs by friends and cover tunes that I like.

These days I mainly focus on a band called Sam the Lion that I write for and perform in with Chris Curtis, Matthew Williams and Rodger Harrison. They're crazy talented and about as good friends as you can get. Sometimes, when we’re lucky, Amanda Williams Ware brings her angelic vocals to the mix. We're old guys so it’s slow going, but we’re working on recording an album and building a base of friends and fans around our hometown of Fort Worth and the great state of Texas.

I also spend a great deal of time, and get a great deal of enjoyment doing acoustic shows as Rogers & Long with my friend Steve Long. Steve's the salt of the earth. Let's me put my name first even though he does most of the heavy lifting. Sometimes I get to play drums with Steve, Chris, Mike Kelley and David Clay in the band No Class. And lately I've been fortunate to perform with Chris and his lovely wife Gigi Cervantes in The Shameless Boohoos.

Through it all, the thing that really makes this so damn fun and rewarding is the people I get to share my music with. I hope you and I cross paths somewhere along the road.


FRI - JAN 17 - 7:30pm - Rogers & Long - Shaw's Patio Bar & Grill - Fort Worth

WED - JAN 22 - 8:30pm - Rogers & Long - Douglas Corner with Davis Raines - Nashville, TN

SAT - FEB 1 - 7:30pm - Rogers & Long - Shaw's Patio Bar & Grill - Fort Worth

FRI - FEB 21 - 7:30pm - Rogers & Long - Shaw's Patio Bar & Grill - Fort Worth

FRI - FEB 28 - TBA - Sam the Lion - Main at South Side - Fort Worth

SAT - FEB 29 - TBA - Tribute to David Tipps - Unity Church - Forth Worth

SAT - MAR 14 - Houston Marchman Band - Private Party - Bridgeport


Ed Rogers - Misery and Gold - 2003 - CD Baby - Amazon

Various Artists - Safely Down: The Songs of Jason Jackson - 2014 - CD Baby - Amazon

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