FA Matchday Issues

The League is well aware that there are some issues with Managers not being able to Login to FA Matchday and Issues in Recording Results and Statistics. Below is a set of Common Issues and some possible Answers. If you are having problems that are not detailed here, please email the League on contact@edmsl.org and we will try and work a solution for you.

I can't submit my score or statistics

When the App opens, it opens in Match View (bottom left Icon highlighted in blue). you should SELECT Fixtures View (second from left icon). This will show you the list of fixtures and will also show a bar with SETUP SQUAD REPORT

if you have set the match up and selected your squad - they will be ticked. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU HAVE NOT.

Just select REPORT and enter the Scores and Statistics as directed in the EDMSL guide, linked below. It is IMPORTANT that one you have confirmed the score that you continue to enter all the statistics to submit the report.

I cant see my child on the system though I am the manager of his team, and I cant switch to a parents view.

This is something the Club will have to help you with, it can be an error in the email used to link your child not being the same as your Coach/Manager email used on the system.

It may also be that your FAN (FA Number) being used to link to to your child, is different from your Coaching/Manager FAN. If this is the case the FANs will need to be merged. This can happen when the club is linking you to your child and the person doing it creates a new fan rather than searching for you on the existing database.

I keep Getting - "Oops We have hit the Post" when submitting results or trying to add Training

This is normally because of network bandwidth issues at peak time, please keep trying maybe later in the evening or earlier in the morning. The League has pushed back the results deadline to assist.

I can't submit scores as i see a button saying Start Match appears and I can't get out of it, or stop it.

This is because the Match View functionality allows you to, run the app in 'live mode' entering the score and events as you go. If you select this by mistake let it run to the end, then enter your scores and statistics and submit.

Matchday Guide - Results.pdf
Matchday Guide - Login.pdf
Futsal and Mini Soccer Rules Smartphone Format.pdf