Edmonton Jewish Baseball League


July 17, 2022

A new schedule has been released as we begin the 5-week swing before the playoffs. Please make sure you look to see when your team has a bye with the updated schedule and be sure to be available for the tournament on Sunday, September 11.

CLICK HERE to see the schedule.

April 27, 2022

The schedule is released for the 2022 season! CLICK HERE to see the schedule. Players registered also should have received an email with payment info and team information.

See you on the field for an exhibition game on Sunday, May 1!

March 24, 2022

The Edmonton Jewish Baseball League is set to start off another season soon!

We are hoping to have a 6 team league this season so if you know of any friends or family that would be interested in playing this season, we always are accepting new players to join the league.

It is recommended to register as soon as possible. Priority will go those people who register and pay for the season. Spots do fill up quickly so take the 5 minutes to complete the registration.

Fees for the league will be emailed to registered players shortly after April 1st, so please register and we will send the payment info to you soon via email.


Looking forward to seeing you all on the field soon!